The King is Dead

Well it wasn’t a Saturday I would’ve wished for considering how overcast it was, as well as that north wind blowing chilling gusts, but let’s hope tomorrow will be warmer and the wind not so strong, as I’d like to get some outdoor work done before the grass starts getting long, and the leafing-out of our trees and shrubs. I do have to keep reminding myself that we’ve had snow in past Aprils.

After arrival at office, I placed a call to a dear one, just to see how his health has been, as the last time I saw him, he didn’t look as chipper as usual. Luckily he said he was feeling as fit as a fiddle, which was all that mattered. I couldn’t help teasing him a little when he answered his phone by exclaiming, “The king is dead! Long live the Queen!” I actually left him speechless for a moment, which had me smiling since he nearly always has a knee-jerk response to whatever comes out of my mouth.

I also shared with him a story from many years back when I was an impressionable youth. I don’t remember if it was a Saturday or Sunday afternoon when I happened to be watching something on our black and white television which was showing some sort of happening in a cathedral in Great Britain where the king and queen were seated on their thrones. Well, when the camera panned close enough to where I could see Queen Elizabeth’s face, I was in near shock by the fact she looked very much like my mother. I got up and ran out to the kitchen where my mother was working and exclaimed, “Mother, you have come look at the woman who looks just like you!” She resisted a little until I took her by hand and pulled her into our living room to see her look-alike. Well, her “twin” didn’t impress her, as she took one long look, shook her head, and said while walking back to her kitchen, “Oh, she doesn’t look like me.” Irregardless what she believed, I still think Queen Elizabeth bears a strong resemblance to my mother.

What made mother’s “royal” look even more creepy, was when in later years while working with random “first encounter” homebuyers, there were at least a half-dozen times where one of them would say, “Did you know you look like Prince Charles?” Of course my knee-jerk responses evolved into being, “I really don’t think I do, but if I happen to be one of the lost members of the Windsor clan, I’m going for it.” Thank goodness I haven’t been told that in a number of years, as I really don’t think we bear that much of a resemblance. With all this genetic testing going on, perhaps I’ll get lucky when a top-drawer genetic researcher contacts me and announcing my mother’s bloodline is a “Windsor” match. Wouldn’t that be fun? Just remember, looks can be carried forward for 13 generations. The only possibility of there being a match, would be in the German branch of the House of Windsor’s bloodline.

Another call I had to make, was to a woman who was interested in buying a home in her neighborhood, but at the time, I couldn’t help stressing how much time and money it would take to get it livable again. Not only was its structure questionable, but the location left much to be desired, along with it sitting on a “postage stamp” lot. I told her at the time, it would take a great many hours and money, and in the end, she’d end up with a tough re-sale. Well, when stating what it sold for, we both agreed our market has gone crazy. I only hope whomever bought it, is going to live there for a very long time.  After visiting about it a little more, I could tell she’s now completely over it. Yes people become possessed at times over homes to the point they pull their triggers and buy them, and later wishing they hadn’t. Today’s call was a good catch-up for the both of us.

My last real estate call of the morning, was to a seller who’s preparing a home for sale, and my only reason for calling, was to get a little more clarification on timelines. It sounds like things are moving forward as scheduled, so if all goes well, I’ll have a new listing coming on in either the third or fourth week of this month. When seeing how fast our market is still moving, I doubt it’ll be an active listing for very long.

After getting my files put away and a little accounting finished, I changed my clothes and headed over to my little/big project. As much as I was expecting to spend my entire afternoon working there, I’d say a good hour was spent visiting with a familiar who called my cell phone. After hanging up, I made a mental note to place in big bold letters on the page of this week’s desk calendar, “This was my week of full illumination.”, and rightly so because I’d been given the opportunity to “connect the dots” regarding people I’ve known for far too many years. It seems we have to wait until some are pushing up their tulips before we’re able to hear the rest of their stories.

Another call that came in, was from a client of mine asking if I’d be interested in a light fixture he was planning on selling for cheap, along with questioning if I’d be wanting some stones he was digging up around his home. You can bet I said, “yes” to both questions, so over to his house I drove and had myself a good look. The light fixture was well-worth what he was asking, so I bought it, and the stones, well, let’s just say I’ll be making another worthwhile trip over to his home, and only because I was fearful of overloading the back of my SUV. Yes, I do get a little crazy over stones, but at least it hasn’t been a passing fad of mine, as I’ve always collected those which I believed worthy of my limited spaces. Today’s stones had some pretty interesting colors, textures, and forms, which had me pulling and carrying as many I could.

While driving home, I recalled a very interesting stone I’d found many years ago, and then given to one of my out-of-state relatives when last visiting. At the time I said, “Take the one you like the most.”, and as chance would have it, one of today’s find, is a larger version of it, which re-affirms my belief, “The more we give, the more we get.”

Tonight’s One-liner is: Whatever the scientists may say, if we take the supernatural out of our lives, we’re left only with the unnatural.

Joe Chodur

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