Waddling About

The last time I checked, it was 82 degrees outdoors in the Downtown. Now isn’t that something for our record books? As far as I’m concerned, this is too fast of a change from Winter to Spring.

After getting my Sunday morning spiritual exercise completed, I changed my clothes and headed out to work on a number of various jobs I had lined up on this more than quiet Sunday morning. When knowing how many in our professions had taken Friday off, I’m sure most of them were headed to various destinations to be with friends and family. It came as no surprise my not having any real estate calls yesterday, as I’m sure most were busy with preparations for their Easter gatherings.

My first duty of the morning, was to head over to help a friend of mine move several rolls of carpeting which were too heavy for one person to lift. I think if that last big roll had been any heavier, along with having to carry it but a foot farther, I would’ve dropped it and said, “You know I’m not twenty anymore.” Oh well, we did get them moved into the room where he was wanting them.

Of course I did mention several cabinets that were left in a garage of a vacating tenant, along with asking him if he wanted them. Of course when he met me over there to get a look, it was an immediate, “I’ll take them.” Once again, yours truly had to help load them on his truck, and then follow him to his garage, just so to help him get them off. I have no idea what they must’ve been used for, but they were built to withstand the weight of elephants. After today’s moving and carrying, he already knows he owes me some “paying forward” with his time.

With that done, I was free to go and work on my own little projects which encompassed picking up sticks, raking, trimming, digging, and the list went on. After calling it quits around mid-afternoon, I went back to office and changed into my Sunday clothes, and when when giving myself a good look in the mirror, I wasn’t surprised to see I got a noticeable sunburn, along with a red line on the side of my face where a low-hanging branch almost pierced my skin after having unknowingly walked right into it. There’ll be some additional branches and limbs being trimmed higher after that face-full.

Being in need of a few grocery items, I headed over to a groceteria, and upon entering, I couldn’t believe how many people were mask-less. What is going on with our general public? I just read today where Minnesota is in the top five States where this new China-virus variant is rapidly growing within their population, and it’s been said, this new one is more seriously affecting our young. Irregardless what our illustrious Governor does with her continued opening up of our State, we absolutely must remain diligent by staying out of crowds, keeping our six foot distances, and above all, wearing our face-masks whenever out and about.

Oh, I forgot to mention I did find out what’s going into that building they’re working on just south of the corner of 12th St. and N. Federal. Surprise! It’s going to be another liquor store! OK, now let’s get this right. First we have at least four bar/restaurants just a short distance from each other up there, and now 2 liquor stores. I think they need to re-name that stretch “Liquor Lane”. Someone said several days ago, “You should go in that new one just to check it out.” My knee-jerk response was, “It’ll be highly unlikely.”

Someone mentioned to me today how she thought it a bit sad I wasn’t getting together with family or friends. I assured her I had absolutely no problem with it, and truth be told, I’m actually liking it. Most don’t realize that as we grow older, our tastes and preferences change, and even more so when all of our old ones are gone. There are those who continue their traditions with their younger “bloods”, while others prefer to close their own oft-times painful doorways to their familial pasts, and move forward by surrounding themselves with new relationships. I’m still in dis-belief it’s been nearly five years since my last parent’s death. My how time flies, and of all the siblings my father and mother had, there’s now only one female left on either side.

I had a good long chat with a colleague of mine today when he brought up having encountered a nesting Canada goose while recently out with his children. That must’ve been his first experience with them, so I proceeded to bring him up to speed regarding how they can be downright mean when challenged by saying, “If they don’t get you with their wings, they’ll give you a squealing pinch with their beaks.

Of course I had to tell him about those years so long ago when we raised the German Embden and sometimes the French Toulouse breeds. Believe it or not, if you get them young enough, you can train them to stay in certain areas like dooryards, along with teaching them to march into their nighttime sheds. I used to think it the funniest whenever there’d always be one straggler that would stand near the doorway and scold me for making him or her go in for the night. Oh the curious of noises they can make.

Truth be told, I’ve butchered many animals in my time, but I absolutely could not get used to killing geese. I did mention today that I’m almost certain it’s the way they looked at me before getting the axe. I’d love to have another flock of them, but you can be certain I’ll not be the one who’ll be wielding an axe come late Fall. Just now speaking of them, my ever-fond memories of their ways have come rolling forward in memory. I used to like watching them whenever they were waddling about as they were feeding on grass, as for me it was always a most calming sight to behold.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I imagine one of the reasons people cling to their hates so stubbornly, is because they sense once hate’s gone, they’ll be forced to deal with pain.

Joe Chodur

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