Rosy-Red Lipstick

It started out being a bit of a cool morning, but as our day rolled on, it warmed up to another staggering 80+ degrees, but of course the wind had to start picking up again as our temps began rising. Just today I read where much of Europe had record-breaking temps in March, but now they’re being hit with below normals. Hmm…It sounds like the wobbling of the Jet Stream again. Doesn’t it?

Pretty much all of my morning was spent with office accounting and bill-paying, along with a few trips to the bank. For the strangest reasons, all of my office bills came much earlier than normal, which is making me think those companies are struggling to keep their accounts receivables under control. When after looking at my landline office bill today, there’s no question, I’ll be sooner looking for another carrier. If it weren’t necessary for me to have a fax line at office, I’d be converting my office phone to a mobile, and that would be that. The prices they’re now charging for a landline is bordering on extortion.

Another duty I had, was to go over and take photos of a new listing my agent Brandon Neve signed-up yesterday. I’d say that home’s going to sell, and mostly because it’s in the SE quadrant of our City, along with it offering 3 bedrooms with a double attached garage. The real selling point of it, is its custom kitchen which isn’t something that was purchased out of a box. I also liked the private patio just outside its side door near the kitchen which had the distinct look of “summertime enjoyment”, as it’s east-facing instead of west which is always uncomfortable. Please put the word out.

I had several afternoon appointments which had me out of office for over an hour, and when I returned, there were calls to return, along with in-office appointments. My last one took the longest, and only for the reason being, my having to make sure my client was fully up to speed with all the facts regarding the sale of his home. There’s no question I’ll be getting a call from him in the morning with his final decision.

Tomorrow afternoon, I have an appointment to meet with a seller who’s moving in the direction of selling his home. I was out there over a year ago, and as we all know, our market has changed since then. My first morning duty, will be to do some additional research on recent sales, just so we’re all up to speed when I get there.

I had to laugh today when a colleague of mine mentioned how even homes in the worst of conditions, along with being located in questionable neighborhoods, are selling in the $50K range. I couldn’t help agreeing with him because I’ve seen some real dumps selling for way more than they would’ve over a year ago. My last words were, “Any home will sell in this market, but only as long as there’s been enough evocative rosy-red lipstick added.” In spite of it being a joke, I’m finding it becoming more of a reality.

I’m just in the first stages my search for a commercial property which would be suitable for several long-term clients of mine, and after a good long visit about their wants and needs, I’ve pretty much got it narrowed down to what I’ll be looking for, but unfortunately, there’s nothing on our market right now which fits their needs, so I’ll be watching for new commercial listings, as well a beating a few bushes on my own. We are still seeing commercial properties being sold, but nothing near what they were before this pandemic arrived.

Speaking of pandemic, I’ve been more closely watching these ominously spiking numbers of infections around our world. Poor Brazil has certainly taken a beating with the many thousands of deaths they’ve had, and it looks like they’re not even close to being on their down-hill slide. Europe is also getting pounded again which is terribly unfortunate, as some of those countries have been more diligent than we have.

Isn’t it interesting how in the beginnings of this nightmare, all focus was on the “live market” in Wahun being the cause, but now, there’s a whole lot more focus on what’s possibly looking like a lab-leak, which I’d suspected from the very beginning. This is one more example of how totalitarian regimes work very hard at making situations appear other than what they really are. Have you ever noticed how those who’ve done something wrong, and know it, will scream “I’m innocent” all the louder?

Just today someone raised voice with me, and the more I attempted to counter those statements with reason, the more vociferous that person became. I was on the brink of being un-professional by yelling back, but I did manage to contain my inner fury. Yet, at the end of the day, it was one more glaring reminder that children come in all ages.

As a by-product of yesterday’s labors, I was feeling a few more aches and pains from it, and blaming nobody but myself because I knew better. It was a good thing today was the beginning of another work week, as I would’ve been right back at it again this morning. You would’ve thought I would’ve learned my lesson long ago, but I guess not.

I’m patiently waiting for the shipment of trees I ordered to arrive, just so I’ll be able to get them planted before they start leafing out. If they do arrive in good health, I’m going to be working really hard at keeping them alive this season, as the real test will come next Spring when doing my inspection to see if they’d made it thru the winter. With all our old-growth trees that’ve come down from those straight-line winds we’ve been getting year-over-year, I think everyone in our City should be planting a few, and maybe more.

Tonight’s One-liner is: I love America more than any other country in the world, and exactly for this reason, I insist on my right to criticize her perpetually.

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