Plagued by a Gut

It was very much a relief to find the wind having died down and our temps rapidly rising this morning, which afforded me an opportunity to get some cleaning-up done at the back of my office. It seems no matter how much I try to keep all that blown-in trash picked up which accumulates in that area, there always seems to be more arriving. It certainly doesn’t help having that tavern two doors down, as I’m nearly always finding “empties” of liquor bottles and cans, as well as spent cigarette hard-packs. I put out to everyone visiting and/or living in our Downtown, “If you insist on gratuitously dumping, at least throw it in one of the many dumpsters dotting our back alleyways.”

I didn’t realize how long I’d been working out back until I looked at my watch showing it to be almost the hour of ten. I finished up what I was doing, and then headed back inside, but not before I stood back and got a good look at my labors. Yes, it’s much more presentable out there now.

My thoughts have been more seriously moving in the direction of having a tall wrought-iron fence erected to where I’d have a contained outdoor area which would allow for more security and privacy. If done right, I could even have my very own “Downtown” garden which I’d make animal proof. Of course I’d have to get someone to remove a good seven inches of that nasty soil, and then have a load or two of good black dirt brought in. What would make growing fruits and veggies even more of a dream behind my office, is much of that area being well-protected against the wind. I’m also seriously considering the purchase of a large compost drum, and being the type you’d give a good crank every other day. As most growers know, good compost is better than fertilizer.

Just as I was walking back in, one of my dear ones who lives out of State called to wish me a Happy Easter, but of course wicked me, had to start singing “Here comes Peter Cotton Tail”, but instead of saying “Peter”, I substituted it with her name. She got a good laugh out of it, but I couldn’t stop there by adding, “Would you like me now to repeat it again in Counter-Tenor?” Too funny.

The bulk of our conversation was mostly about how our taxes continue to rise, which is due to the “highest allowable” millage rate we’re under, but to get around that, they just raise the assessed values on our homes. Naughty monkeys. She did make the suggestion that we the residents of Iowa, start petitioning our State Senators and Representatives to pass a law similar to California’s “Proposition 13”, which would protect our long term residents from being taxed into the poor house. Most don’t realize that Social Security doesn’t even come close to keeping up with today’s cost of living. If my mother were still alive, I’m sure she’d be writing many letters, because she was one who absolutely hated seeing unfairness and cronyism taking place in our governments. Even though she was from a multi-generational farm family, I was always keen on side-stepping the subject of today’s “poor” farmers. Yep, all the PAC’s and Super PAC’s need to go bye-bye.

I did mention how much more I’ll be involved in politics from here on out, as there are political movements growing which I believe to be nearing the borders of insanity. I’m going to go looking for John Boehner’s book which he just published, as I’ve always admired the man for his quiet and dignified manner during his tenure as Speaker of the House. I couldn’t help laughing to myself when reading he also shares a few raw words about people while in private company.

After all my Saturday morning real estate work was finished, I changed my clothes and went over to my little/big project and picked up where I left off some weeks ago. While toiling away, troubling thoughts began coming to mind regarding this Coronavirus, and most of it was my thinking forward into our future which is always in a state of flux. Even darker thoughts began to emerge when considering the possibility that these mutating strains will manage to evolve into all the more contagious and deadly strains. Of course I was then considering how many of us could survive for long periods of time in the strictest of isolations.

The creepiest of it all, was later reading on MSN News, a virologist mentioning there being even more of the likelihood, the “seed” virus in Wahun being a laboratory leak which I questioned from the very beginning. What it sounds like, is our researchers doing everything they can to find its “nature” origin, rather than having to tell the world that some very naughty things were going on in China. Can you imagine what the ripple effect of such a discovery would create if indeed it was a lab leak. As much as I remain optimistic about the soon “die-out” of all variants of this China-virus, I continue to be plagued by a “gut” feeling we’ve yet to see the worst of it. I do hope I’m terribly wrong.

I didn’t get as much done on my project as I wanted, but at least I’m back in the “trench” mindset, so if I have time tomorrow, I’ll be at it again. Truth be told, I was finding every excuse I could to be working outdoors with my picking up sticks and Scotch Pine cones.

Certainly you remember the brown bread recipe I shared yesterday. Well, I offered that with you, just so you’d know what tonight’s recipe was asking for. I’ll have to try tonight’s, as I do like the taste of good salmon. Don’t you think it sounds yummy?

Monaco Sandwiches

  • Yolks of 2 hard-cooked eggs
  • 1/2 cup minced canned salmon or
  • 3 level tablespoons butter
  • Pepper to taste shrimps
  • 2 level tablespoons butter
  • Unbuttered Graham or brown bread

Put the yolks of eggs into a bowl with the butter and rub with the back of a spoon till smooth. Add the pepper and minced fish, and when these are blended, add the 2 tablespoons of butter. Spread rather thickly between slices of bread and cut off the crusts.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Anyone who’s ever struggled with making ends meet, knows how extremely hard it is to keep the ends sewn together.

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