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The temps were slowly creeping up to a tolerable level today, and if only the wind wasn’t blowing so hard, it would’ve been a fine one. When looking at this weekend’s forecast, it appears our temps aren’t going to be as high as earlier predicted. I’m actually glad they won’t be, as it’s not good to have such drastic temperature changes in nature.

Considering how busy my week has been, it’s no wonder I had to keep reminding myself it was Friday instead of Thursday. After my arrival at office this morning, my forenoon was pretty much consumed by setting appointments to show my new listing at 1310 N. Adams, along with fielding phone calls on a rental I posted for a client. I’m coming to the belief our general public has fallen into a very dirty habit of not reading instructions which couldn’t be more conspicuous. It seems every time I post a rental online, the prospective tenants either send a message asking to see it, or wanting me to send them a rental application. The real gripe with me, is their having ignored my instructions regarding their need to complete an online application on my website before a viewing would be scheduled. I’d wager only one out of ten prospects follow my instructions. It’s no wonder we’re seeing so many mistakes being made by people who refuse to fully-read instructions.

I had myself chained to desk for several hours this afternoon, and only for the reason my having two sale files in need of final updates, and later emailing my numbers to those companies. Being a week ahead of the game, is usually the latest I ever want to be with future closings. I didn’t know until after emailing my numbers to one of those people, that he was going to be gone all next week, and there being another closer who’d be performing his duties. I thought it odd he’d not notified me earlier this week. Yes, there are those who’ll not take any action until they’re given a good prod.

One of my mid-afternoon showings, was to a young man who’s been living here for about a year, and now looking to get into a home. Today was my first meeting with him, and by the time I walked back to my car, I could tell he was a bit nervous about such a big step, which is why I was not even the least bit pushy when saying, “Just have a good sleep on it tonight, and if you’re interested, give me a call tomorrow.” I could sense a relief from him after finding I wasn’t one of those “buy it now” agents. Since he was born and raised in southern Iowa, I couldn’t help teasing him about our weather conditions up here in the tundra. Almost always, it’s the extra wind we get that’s the most noticed by our newbies. I have a feeling he’ll be calling tomorrow.

Getting back to my new listing on 1310 N. Adams, I have to make my announcement that after four showings of it today, we now have it under contract. These less than 24 hour sales from listing time, are growing all the more common in this crazy market. When I called the selling agent, I told her that she was likely less than a day ahead of a possible multiple offer situation. From what I gathered, her buyer will be a very good fit for that home, as well as sharing my opinion that rock-solid homes of such, don’t come on the market very often, and glad I had the opportunity to assist in the sale of it.

While visiting with several clever gentlemen today, I couldn’t help bringing up my thoughts regarding morphic resonance, along with my giving several examples of it. One of them was interested enough to where I wrote its name down on a post-it note, just so he could do his own research at home. The more family dynamics I see, the more I’m a believer in certain character traits being genetically passed-on to offspring.

This recent murder in our City has had everyone on edge today, and rightly so, as from the last I’ve heard, he’s not yet been captured. It seems to me there’s been more violent crimes committed of late, which is causing me to wonder what’s driving it. I’m sure the illegal drugs are a big part of it, which we have got to get under control. It’s to the point where there’s really no so-called “safe” neighborhoods left in our City. Yes, I know we don’t have the bigger problems other States and Cities have, which should never be considered our reason to make it less, because a City’s character could change for the worse in a lightening-fast fashion.

Oh my goodness. Did I ever hear some strong words about the recent hikes in our City’s real estate assessments. My biggest concern, is the fact that many of our retirees’ incomes are fixed to the point where if there’s any great jump in their monthly expenses, they’re either going to have to sell and rent something, or start making brown bread macaroni sandwiches. It’s no wonder we’re seeing all the more older vehicles driving around, along with the back-logs of work our car mechanics have, which is all due to our growing numbers not being able to afford newer. Some may want to argue the point, but I know for near-certain that the middle class in our community is slowly moving in the direction of being on the border-line of poverty, and to a point where there’re days when it’s glaringly evident. Just remember, when desperation arrives, desperate deeds follow.

Getting back to my vintage cookbook, I thought I’d share a recipe for a bread which I dare say, I’ve never knowingly eaten, so here you are.

Baked Brown Bread

  • 1 1/2 cups Graham flour
  • 1 level teaspoon soda
  • 1/2 cup white flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/3 level teaspoon salt
  • 1 1/2 cups sour milk

Blend thoroughly the flour, salt and soda; add the sugar and mix to a batter with the milk. Pour into a well-greased pan and bake in a slow oven for about forty minutes.

Tonight’s One-liner is: In a city like New York, you’re more aware of the rich and poor.

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