Just That Un-caring

Once again, the wind was blowing strong today, and since our temps didn’t get high enough, it was darned cold whenever I was out in it. Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least a few calm days this month? I do hope it’s not a harbinger of a cold and windier winter ahead.

I was out and early sooner this morning because I had to get my clothes changed and head over to Menard’s to pick up some building materials, and definitely wanted to be outta there before the morning crowd arrived. Fortunately I did get what I needed and then back to my office before the hour of eight.

It was a relatively quiet day in real estate where pretty much all I did was get some phone calls in, emails returned, and bills paid, as well as checking on a few vacant homes I have listed. I may sound like a bit of a control freak, but one can’t be too careful about vacant homes in these times considering the number of break-ins reported over a year’s time in our City.

One of my long conversations this morning was with a colleague regarding a recent sale of a property I was convinced contained within, a demonic force. From the first time I was in it, I could tell there was something wrong with the “feel” of it, and every corner I turned, had me on edge due to thinking I was going to come face to face with it. Oh how relieved I was when seeing it posted as being sold because I feared myself being the one to sell it, and who knows on what kind of path that would’ve led me. If I were the new owners, I’d have it scrapped, but then perhaps the entire site is saturated with it’s unholy poison. I wish I could remember where I read about a certain sophisticated machine that was created which was able to pick up negative and positive energies at given sites. It has been a number of years since I read about it, which will now prompt me to do a little online research regarding such a machine. I think it would be great if one were available for use in real estate, because over the years, I’ve seen certain homes sell too often which would cause me to wonder if there were invisible somethings prompting their owners to sell.

Towards noontime, I contacted a buyer who’s looking to move to our City in the Spring, and my reason for today’s call, was to let him know I didn’t forget about him along with telling him I’m scheduling my own viewings next week of two homes he’s asked about which I’ve not yet toured. While visiting with him, I was also given other types of homes he’d be interested in if they should become available of which I also made note.  You can bet he and his wife will be welcome additions to our community next year because they’re level-headed and community minded. Don’t you agree with my saying we don’t need anymore bat-shite crazies living here?

One of my other dear friends stopped by my office today to visit about the happenings in her life as well as the movements in the lives of those in which she’s connected. I was glad to hear all’s been well with her, and especially not having contracted the China-virus. We both agreed that our State health officials, along with our Governor, had better get on the same page and get the numbers down in these spiking daily cases. It seems nearly everyone I talk to are upset over the way in which it’s being handled to where I’m wondering if they’re trying to appease their political power brokers, or if they’re just that un-caring. Whatever it is, it’s got to stop because we’re talking about the health and welfare of the citizenry of our State.

On Wednesday of this week, a visitor at my office had the nerve to challenge the actual numbers of deaths in Cerro Gordo County by saying some of those people were already on death’s doorstep. Ugh! I took a deep breath and said, “If they’ve registered 200 deaths, you can bet they’re been many more because there are always those precipitating causes of death that get over-looked.” I should’ve also mentioned that even our recent spiking suicides cases could be connected to this pandemic, as well as strokes, heart attacks and more. I know for a fact, that stress can create a plethora of serious health issues which lead to death, and if this pandemic isn’t stressful, I’d like to know what is. After he left, I was all the more convinced how ignorant and sometimes even stupid some of our citizens are, but unfortunately, you can’t fix stupid.

I’m still in disbelief how quickly Friday arrived, which meant I must’ve been busier than I believed these recent days. You can bet all those many extended closing dates over these past months have had me on timeless edges. I’m going to remain confident our market will slow down enough over the holidays to where the banks, abstract, and title companies can get caught up.

These recent news clips I’ve been forcing myself to read, have me all the more concerned over this transition period of our new President. Oh how the conspiracy theories are getting all the more bizarre to where they’re sounding like something out of a Sci-Fi movie. I have no idea who’s dreaming them up, but it’s time the news services and social medias stop acknowledging by re-posting them.

Last Monday an old friend of mine stopped by my office for a visit, and before leaving, she noticed my collection of pine cones I have displayed at the front window of my office. She mentioned how she’d like to find more for her collection, so I went to the back of my office and gave her as many she wanted out of a box I’d picked up some weeks ago. Just yesterday, she text me a photo of a holiday centerpiece she created with them. It actually looked like something you’d buy in a flower shop, which was my confirmation of her abilities in re-purposing the beauties Mother Nature so freely offers.

Tonight’s One-liner is: There is no such uncertainty as a sure thing.

Joe Chodur

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