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The wind wasn’t as bad today as yesterday’s, but still at it, which makes me wonder if that nickname given our City back in 1950’s titled, “The windy city of the North” being far closer to the truth. Oh well, at least our temps climbed high enough again to where it was tolerable. I certainly can’t wait until another month passes and the sun starts its trek northwards once again because I’m really not a fan of these short days and long nights. Going to work when it’s dark and coming home in it, is not my cup of tea.

I forgot to mention my closing late yesterday having been another soft landing for both buyers and sellers. Bill Cody who’s the real estate loan officer out at Northwoods Bank was most accommodating by squeezing us in for a closing on such short notice. I was bold enough to ask for more of his bank’s ballpoint pens because they’re bright red and easy to find, along with having the perfect color of blue ink. Before leaving, he was most kind to give me more than I expected, and couldn’t have thanked him enough. Of all the ballpoint pens I’ve used with an ink color of blue, theirs is the most agreeable to me. They likely purchase them from a not-often used vendor.

With a few more hiccups having taken place today with my Raven Ave. acreage, I was back working on that file. After a lengthy conversation with the seller, it looks like we’ve got it back on track. I always have to smile to myself whenever another real estate agent gloats over a big sale and making it appear as if it was some great feat, when in fact, the higher priced properties are less problematic from listing to close than the cheaper ones. I smile even more when thinking what they’d be doing if they had to work with a few of those “problem child” transactions I’ve had this year. I can about imagine what some of our “high-flyers” would do. Poor babies.

I spent over an hour over at 114 – 11th St. NE today with a friend of a potential buyer who was videoing the entire property from stem to stern both inside and out. I did everything I could to stay out of her way, and only spoke whenever something needed to be more fully explained. The vehicles which are still onsite were questioned which I firmly answered, “I guarantee you they’ll all be gone by the day of closing.” Those vehicles have been a big sore spot with me since the time I listed it, and will definitely be glad when they’re gone. I also pointed out what a similar property across the street sold for which was all the many thousands of dollars more. All I’m waiting for now, is a call from the estate attorney informing me what dollar amount it’s gonna take to get it sold.

While standing outside that home, I got a better look at the neighborhood, and to my delight, its street is taking on quite the handsome appearance. I’d say it’s looking better than it has in many years which tells me there’s a growing pride in ownership going on in those blocks.

I’m getting all the more frustrated with this election business and mostly because our President continues to fire-up the emotions of his followers by insisting our elections were rigged which I believe is total nonsense. With his recent firing of the head of our Country’s cyber-security, he’s not only undermining our security systems, but also opening the door for our enemies to more easily infiltrate and manipulate our grids.

I’ve worked very hard to stay on the political “fence” at all times, but whenever someone in high office says one thing, and then does another, I don’t care which party he or she belongs to. For example, I fully remember Mitch McConnell saying more than once, “Whoever does win, I guarantee there’ll be a smooth transition.” Really? That’s all I see him as the leader of the majority in Senate, is remaining silent and allowing all his minions to stir the pot. Of course I mentioned it many times before our elections, that after the final count, we’ll have firestorms, and that’s exactly what we’re having. When are we ever going to return to a non-partisan working together for our common good?

Later this afternoon I went out and placed a tent sign on East State Street, and pointed it in the direction of 115 S. Connecticut which I’m having open this coming Saturday in hopes it’ll draw more attention from potential buyers. Let’s pray its buyer finally arrives.

With about an hour to kill, I spent some time researching our MLS and when finished, I wasn’t surprised when finding how few active listings we now have in our City. Yes, this buying fever is spreading about as fast as the China-virus. Each day when I’m looking at the reported sales of homes, I shake my head in wonderment. Everyone’s bragging about the super-low interest rates they’re getting, but fail to realize they’ve got sky-high 30 year mortgage balances. For sure, there’ll be macaroni sandwiches on menu.

I’m sure you remember me telling you how I’m working on getting rid of things I know I’ll never use, and today another piece of furniture went out my office to a deserving young couple. They couldn’t have thanked me enough, but I also praised them for taking it because I know they’ll take good care of it. I assured them that they’d not find anything in a furniture store as beautifully well made. Yes, I had a very good feeling as they carefully drove away with it.

Later this afternoon, I told a friend about my gifting of that piece, while reminding him that giving is an art form, and for me, the true act of giving is when it’s freely offered without any future expectations or strings. I also went on to remind him that whenever someone tries to shame me into being charitable, the phone calls or meetings turn into a big fat “No”. Isn’t it far better to know the end results when freely gifting something?

Tonight’s One-liner is: I have always despised the whining yelp of complaint and cowardly resolve.

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