Grease-cutting Soap

We finally had a near perfectly calm day today, and what a relief it was. I was beginning to think Mother Nature had some sort of invisible fan programmed to have the wind start blowing as soon as sunrise happened, but you can bet I was enjoying every moment of our windless and sun-filled day.

My first order of business was to drive up to my Raven Ave. acreage and pick up my sold signs since we’ll be closing on it Monday morning. While driving north on Hwy 65, I noticed a big SUV parked alongside the highway with its windshield broken, and then on the other side of the road about 30 feet behind, there lay a buck deer which must’ve been the cause of that accident. Yes, this is the season of rut for those creatures, and certainly the time when we see more road kills because they’re too busy chasing females while paying no sort of attention to the world around them.

Other than that sight, I’d say it was a spectacular morning drive up and back. With the sun so low in the sky, those wonderful landscape shadows created even more depth to whatever I was looking at. There weren’t very many cars on the road so early which offered me enough time to stop and take a photo or two. When I got at the acreage and started pulling those two sold signs, I realized how cold it really was when jerking those frozen metal signs out of the ground and placing them in my vehicle. I did manage to take the above photo of a spot where a deer must’ve been napping last night.

When I got back to the City, I went over to a property and pick up more pine and spruce cones since my dear friend was so taken by the ones I’d given her. With all the windy days we’ve had, there were many more on the ground for the taking. I picked up a sack full of them, took it back to my office, and then laid them out on paper to dry. That spruce tree dropped some exceptionally large ones this year which had the appearance of giant cigars. Once they’re dried, I’ll be offering more to those who enjoy creating fall/winter arrangements. I do enjoy the scents of Christmas they provide my office on a daily basis.

Having a few hours to kill, I went back to another project and worked until the noon hour arrived, and then headed back to my office to change my clothes, grab a bite to eat, and then over to my public open house at 115 S. Connecticut.

I arrived there a few minutes before the hour so I could get all the doors unlocked and lights turned on, and wouldn’t you know, just when I plopped myself down on my favorite window seat, the flood of lookers began to arrive. Without question, today’s open house had the most arrivals to date, and I’d say there were at least two couples showing good interest. One of them said he and his wife were working on getting pre-approved, and from the sounds of it, 115 S. Connecticut is at the top of their list.

When quitting time arrived, I closed that Folk Victorian up, grabbed my signs, and then headed back to my office to get them put away and later returning a phone call from a voicemail I received. It was a short conversation with some out-of-town buyers who’re moving in the direction of making an offer on one of my listings. I assured them that I’d be calling the attorney on Monday morning to see if he has any additional news for us before I send that offer out for their signatures. You can bet I’ll be on top of that one because that’s another property I want sold and closed.

I did manage to get to my 3:30 appointment on time, and when I pulled up, the first thing catching my eye, was how tidy the home and landscaping appeared. In these times, my hat goes off to owners who take pride in keeping their properties looking smart on street-side. Upon entering, I found its interior being of similar state, and since it was my first viewing, I asked for a nickel tour which I was given from stem to stern.

After getting the extra information I needed about their home, we talked about pricing which in these times, is a crapshoot. The figure they gave me really wasn’t unreasonable because there aren’t that many homes on the market today which offer as many bells and whistles as theirs. I told them I’d be making some calls next week to some prospective buyers to see if it would be of interest to them. There’s one in particular which I believe would fit his bill. As I said before, we’re getting all the shorter on available homes for sale in Mason City, and wouldn’t it be a good way to start out my sales year of 2021 with the sale of that home.

I stopped back at my office to check for messages and then drove over to Fareway to pick up a few things before heading home. Between my gas stop at Kwik Trip this morning, and then walking the aisles of Fareway, I’d say all the more in our general public are becoming even more careless with their social distancing and their wearing of masks. Believe it or not, there were four mask-less men huddled outside Kwik Trip while smoking and jabbering. All I could do was shake my head and drive away. With our County’s cases still on the rise, I personally eschew any sort of close contact with humans, and especially those who’re walking around mask-less.

While on the phone today, I couldn’t believe my ears when hearing an intelligent woman proposing that the wearing of masks, does not keep people from catching the China-virus. All I could say was, “Face-masks are definitely roadblocks on lines of defense.” Since she didn’t understand this washing of hands business, I also had to tell her that any sort of grease-cutting soap will remove that virus’s oily protective coating which causes a chain reaction of its demise. After listening to her, I’m convinced our general public is too much in the dark regarding the preventative measures they must take to remain safe.

Tonight’s One-liner is: Critics are cut-throat bandits stationed on our paths to fame.

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