The Art of Discernment

It looks like our blustery weekend has already begun with the wind coming up with the sundown which is quite the reverse of such weather patterns, but of course what is normal in these trying times?

Another closing took place today which created another soft landing for our office which looks our standard of excellence is working. I had to place an unfortunate call to a seller today just to inform him that the buyers of his home would not give him another week’s extension on the already cast-in-stone closing date. I made sure to let him know right away just so we wouldn’t have any issues taking place the day of closing. I do very much try not to be like some of my competitors who think all will get worked out in the end, which of course most do, but any sort of last-day nonsense can be extremely un-nerving for me.

A recent closing confirmed for me that sellers not having their homes cleaned to a normal person’s expectations, is becoming even more the norm. You can only imagine what a buyer’s thoughts would be while doing a final walk-thru before closing and find an exceptionally filthy oven, carpets not having been vacuumed, and furry paddled ceiling fans, as well as a plethora of other misgivings. I couldn’t imagine leaving my home in such a condition the day of closing.

Back when I listed my mother’s home some years ago, I made sure every square inch of it was fully cleaned and problem-free. I forwarded the photos I took after listing it for sale to her attorney, and managed to get a good internal laugh when he called saying, “Her basement floor looks like you could eat off of it.”, and my proud response was, “Likely you could.” I’m beginning to wonder if such insistence on cleanliness is in my DNA along with my abhorrence to whenever getting any type of gear grease on my hands.

It was another day of running errands and getting all the more flustered with our area paint stores where it seems none of them want to carry any more than minimal quantities of exterior oil-based paint, which meant I’ll have to wait until another shipment arrives. Since these trade wars started, and then the arrival of the pandemic, the supply chains have certainly been slowed to where I think everyone had best start over-stocking themselves just in case even greater bottlenecks take place.

I’ve decided to have double-header open houses this weekend since our weather is going to be pleasant. Tomorrow’s open will be over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court, and Sunday’s at 115 S. Connecticut. Both of those homes are long over-due having sold signs placed in their yards, and yours truly is going to do everything he can to make it happen. If you happen to know anyone who may have even the slightest of interest in either one of them, please ask them to stop by, along with assuring them, I never bite.

After my phone calls were returned, and correspondences finished, I went back to work with my monthly accounting and bill paying. I did manage to get all the office’s bills paid that had arrived, but with all my phone interruptions, I wasn’t able to get started on my accounting which will certainly wait for another day. While seated and immersed in my check writing, I laughed to myself when noticing how fast I can write checks to where I may be eligible for a legible speed check-writing tournament. Like with everything, if you establish set patterns, work goes smoothly and quickly.

Of course nearly every person I’ve spoken with since Wednesday, the subject of our general elections was brought forward, and after today’s chats, I’d say there are all the many in North Iowa who are not wanting any sort of firestorms created should Biden be declared the winner. These weak threats of lawsuits and court battles is something none of us should have to endure because it’ll polarize our Country even more. From the time I was young, I’ve always deeply dis-like sore losers.

What’s really got me bristling, is hearing about voter fraud, fake ballots, and such nonsense because we are not living in some dictatorial communist or socialist nation where it goes on all the time. Look at Russia, Belarus, Venezuela, and all those other one-party systems with platoons of military ordered to legitimize widespread voter fraud.

Many dismiss our younger generation because of the fear the “old ones” are instilling in us. Since Wednesday, I’ve talked to enough of them and they’re not wanting Socialism, but rather fair and equitable government that will work for our common good.

When looking at some of those very old congressmen who were once again re-elected in their States, I can’t help wondering what sort of negative campaigning they must’ve done to get themselves re-seated. There are two of them that come to mind right now, and I can’t help shaking my head and thinking, “Why in the heck are you still in Congress?” But of course, power is an all-consuming addiction which usually takes some serious health issues to cure, or an over-stepping of political boundaries.

Let’s hope the final results come in by the end of this weekend, as I’m of the belief, the longer it’s protracted, the more social flare-ups we’ll be seeing. There were people I didn’t vote for who got elected, and for sure, you’ll not be hearing me crying foul play with our State’s electoral system. Yes, those loud-mouthed conspiracy theorist can sure create some of the biggest self-serving dust storms, and if you don’t believe me, then you need to teach yourselves the art of discernment.

Tonight’s one-liner is: All religions as well as totalitarian governments are founded on the fear of the many and the cleverness of the few.

Joe Chodur

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