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When looking at the weather forecast for the rest of this week, I noticed the cold really won’t be returning until Monday or Tuesday which will give all of us the more time to enjoy the outdoors along with getting additional yard work done. I just happened to notice several homeowner installing their outdoor Christmas lights which was a definite thinking-forward on their part. I only hope they don’t plan on turning them on until after Thanksgiving which is hard to believe it’s not even two weeks away. Yes, we’re definitely on the down-hill slide of our new decade, and I certainly hope we don’t have something else blind-sighting us once 2021 arrives like the China-virus did.

While at office this morning, I had to keep reminding myself it was Thursday, and the reason being the amount of work I’ve been doing which caused the days to fly by more quickly. I don’t think there’s been one “quiet hour” thus far, and tomorrow looks like it won’t be an exception.

My associate Brandon Neve has been doing quite well with his sales this year, and I do try to be of assistance whenever needed, which he truly does appreciate. It’ll not surprise me if he’ll be well over a million in sales by the end of the year, which should give him an incentive to continue selling even more our year.

I’m already getting end-of-the-year forms to fill out and return, as well as yearly billings in the mail which I’ll have to get filled out, paid, and then returned. Much to my dissatisfaction, I’ll be doing all of my continuing education online due to the China-virus which I’m not very happy about, but it has to be done which I’ll try to have completed before Spring arrives.

I called the agent who showed 115 S. Connecticut this morning and only to ask how the showing went, and to my delight, it sounds like there’s some interest. I also reminded him that another agent would be showing it late this afternoon, so perhaps those new photos I posted are making a difference with all our many online lookers.

While on the phone today with a colleague, we ended up sharing some of the most remarkable happenings we’ve had with buyers and sellers since the first of our year. After listening to each others tales, we both came to the conclusion our general public is definitely suffering from irrational exuberance which unfortunately is going to be coming back in the future and biting them where it hurts the most.

The most noticeable, were the ones who were a bit maniacal about purchasing in the country, and none of them ever having grown up on a farm or lived outside a city’s limits. As much as both of us tried to diffuse their lusts, they’d plow right over us and did exactly what they “knew” was best. We also agreed that whenever cautioning them about the down-sides of country life, their knee-jerk responses would always be, “Oh, I know.” in not so friendly of tones. Don’t you just hate it when people respond in such fashions? Whatever happened to, “Yes, I understand thank you for reminding me.”? Oh, and then there are also those “deer in the headlights” stares whenever attempting to explain something which is no wonder why they’re back later asking the same questions. Yes, there may be a day I’ll start writing my book and use tweaked first names only of those worthy of mention. You can be sure, they’ll know when I’m talking about them.

One of my errands, was to pay a visit to Diamond Vogel and purchase some exterior paint for a project coming up, and the reason I went there, is their being the only paint store in Mason City which still sells oil-based exterior paint. Yes, I am a bit old-fashioned when it comes to painting exterior wood surfaces because I’m still of the belief oil is better at protecting exterior wood surfaces from our radical elements. I’ve had good luck with it over the years, so I’ll continue using it.

Isn’t this election business the most protracted we’ve ever seen? There’s no doubt this pandemic created all the millions more of mail-ins, but one would think all of our States would’ve been more prepared for it. I was in shock to hear all the hundreds of thousands of votes having not yet been processed and counted. Oh well, it sounds like we’re not going to be finding out for sure until Tuesday or Wednesday of next week, which means all the more conspiracy theories will have been created by then. I personally want it all over with just so we can get back at our jobs of living in these tumultuous times.

I received a call this afternoon from a gentleman who’s planning on re-locating back to Mason City in the Spring. It’s amazing how just hearing a person’s voice, opens my long-ago closed portholes of memory. He and his wife lived here well over ten years ago, but my connection with him goes much farther back when he and his first wife took up residence in one of our older districts.

We had a good chat about market conditions, what type of home they’re looking for, and the price range they’d like to be in. I was taking notes while listening to his requirements which will give me something to work with when I begin my MLS searches. Since they’re both able to make improvements, it won’t surprise me if they end up purchasing at discount, a home with good bones, a great neighborhood, but in need of a few major updates. In these times, such homes usually sell at noticeable discounts.

While at the groceteria, I ended up being checked out by one of my favorites who always has a smile on her face and more than willing to engage in light conversation. I was happy to hear she’s very much into getting her daily exercise by walking our many inter-city paths. After hearing that, it’s no wonder she’s such a delight.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Only the greatest of minds can afford simple styles.

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