Free of Sin or Crime

In spite of the wind, we ended up being blessed with another beautiful North Iowa day which had me very much busied with customers and detailed office work. I was hoping to have at least a half hour to go walking in the park with camera in hand, but unfortunately there was none allowable.

It looks like 115 S. Connecticut is getting a blast of new interest which is making me exceptionally happy. As a matter of fact, another agent who showed it for the second time this morning, emailed me an offer on it this afternoon which I subsequently presented to the sellers. There’s no way they’d be able to accept such a low offer, so I’ll likely be getting a call from them tomorrow morning with their counter-offer.

I have no clue what the real reason is for certain buyers to think that by offering embarrassingly low amounts as their first, and subsequently believing the sellers are going to be genuinely receptive of them, is beyond my comprehension. Nearly always, it gives sellers a very bad “taste” as to the credibility of such buyers. I also noticed the agent didn’t have a pre-approval letter accompanying the purchase agreement which I’ll be insisting up before the sellers spill any ink upon it.

I had a late afternoon showing of an investment property which seemed to trip the trigger of my investor enough to where he’s coming to my office tomorrow afternoon to sign a purchase agreement. Considering its location and condition, I’d say that seller had better take any offer that’s even close to being in spitting distance of his bottom dollar because in this market, we have buyers looking for picture-perfect and willing to pay for it, and on the other side of the fence, there are those bottom-feeding investors who buy shaggy homes at deep discounts. It’s becoming a rare occurrence to find young owner-occupied buyers wanting to make their own repairs and improvements which makes me sad because that type of mentality is the path on which they teach themselves how to make home improvements. That’s the way it’s been for many generations up until now, which is the by-product of our now living in the age of specialization.

If you happen to interact with many people, you’ve likely come to the understanding that there are so very many in our society who know a great deal about certain fields of employment, but know little if any about all the others which I’ve found rather troubling because back when I was young, I was strongly encouraged to be self-sustaining which meant the more I learned how to fix or repair things, the less I’d be beholding to others. I can still hear in my mind a handful of people teasingly saying to me after having solved a problem or fixed something for them, “Aren’t you quite the smarty-pants.” In spite of the dig, I always considered it a compliment. Just today I managed to get something erased off my semi-smartphone which another far more into gadgets couldn’t. Yes, I still can be a “Mr. Smarty-pants” if left alone to study a problem at hand.

My public open house over at 12 S. Willowgreen Court went exceptionally well to where the potential buyers and their friends were there for over an hour. They had a few questions I couldn’t answer, so I placed a call to the seller and got them answered before they left. Since they’re recently retired, I’m of the belief that unit would be a perfect fit for them, so we’ll see what the coming week brings.

I took a few moments to place a call to a dear friend who’s now recovering from the China-virus, and after she told me all the physical issues she’s had to deal with, I’m even more determined to educate people on the seriousness of it. She also confirmed that all the beds in Mercy are now full which certainly isn’t the whole story because there are even more at home suffering who’re doing everything they can to get thru it without having to go to hospital. She knew I was worried about her, and did apologize for not giving me a call, but that was quite OK by me after hearing how fast and hard she was physically and emotionally tied to the gates of Hell. Before hanging up, I made sure to remind her that from bad things come good, and for her, I hope it’s an understanding that she’s not twenty anymore and greatly in need of slowing down.

Thank goodness our general elections are now over, and hopefully we can get back to uniting our overly-polarized United of States. I just happened to read some of the already published congrats given our new President by a number of world leaders, and coming as no surprise, there wasn’t one from either the leaders of China or Russia. It makes me want to say, “Ohhhhhh, poor babies” when knowing they had a hand in all of the fake news they were pumping into our social medias on a daily basis.

I did get a call from an old client saying Putin had just recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s which I’d not heard, and likely part of another un-substantiated news publishing, and just now remembering all the recent murders of Russian dissidents including the attempt on Alex Navalny’s life, gives me hope that karma has finally arrived on his doorstep. In my book, any time I hear of someone giving the nod to a henchman to kill another, makes that person equally guilty of murder. I’m sure in their sick minds, they consider themselves totally innocent and free of sin or crime.

Other than my planned open house over at 115 S. Connecticut tomorrow, and then my office appointment thereafter, it looks like my morning is going to be free for me to get additional work done on my own personal projects. I really don’t care if the wind is blowing, only as long as the temps remain far above freezing because I do not want a repeat of last Sunday’s freezer burn.

Tonight’s one-liner is: A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of a timeless love.

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