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It looks like Mother Nature managed to get our landscapes covered with her first snowy visitation, but what bothers me, is the fact we’re not even halfway thru the official season of Fall which as the years go on, I’m finding all the more pleasing. Nearly all my life I’ve been a rock-solid fan of Summer, but these last several years have created a similar endearment to autumn. Without question, I’d have to have a major brain adjustment before I’d even think of cozying up to Winter.

My first Sunday duty was to head back to my sacred space and spend some much-needed time with my prayers and reflections. In spite of having been stressed out nearly the entire week, today’s experience was all the more fulfilling to where I honesty felt I’d gone deeper into the realm of true contemplative prayer. Perhaps all the more portholes are opening due to my repeated visits which certainly will be a good thing because today’s time was quite refreshing as well as memorable. After today, I now more fully understand why such forms of prayer/reflection has survived for a very many hundreds of years, and the longer this China-virus has us held hostage, the more I believe we’ll find others discovering their own personal ways in which they’ll be connecting with the Higher Power.

There’s no doubt I will return to the brick and mortar churches once there’s a real vaccine available to all, but certainly more tuned-in to the basics rather than allowing myself to be pulled into any sort of churchy dramas which in the past has caused more strife within certain so-called religious circles which then bled over into my secular life. Yes, there are those who go thru all the motions of being pious, but challenge them once, and you’ll be branded for years to come. Without even thinking about it, there are two in particular who’ve been grinding an axe for me for years, and only due to my having challenged them over some of the most ridiculous ideas. I still have saved in an email folder a back-and-forth conversation with one who refused to admit fault when being overzealous while chastising me over the silliest of things. When speaking about it now, I’m wondering if that person’s “lightbulb” finally lit.

I got a good laugh some weeks ago when visiting with a buyer who purchased a home that was owned by “churchy” people. It wasn’t exactly what she said, but more the brutally honest way in which she shared her thoughts. In a bit of paraphrasing, she went on to say how much she fears such mentalities because they’re too tight-knit, and so much so that they give license to just about anything within their groups which most would find unacceptable. Of course she also added how when dealing with those outside their circles, they’ll lie and cheat just to always be on the top end of their deals. The way in which she so brutally shared her thoughts, I was actually quite refreshed to know there are still those in our midst who can see past all those outwards signs of a faith I’d rather not be a part of. As far as I’m concerned, using ones religious affiliations to amass personal gain is definitely not what I’d consider being a righteous person.

Since I had no real estate appointments, I headed out to gather more refuse which I’ll be taking to the landfill early tomorrow morning. It didn’t take long to get it loaded, and glad for it because it was exceptionally cold and damp to were even my fingers were getting numb in spite of my wearing gloves. I’ve always found it interesting how much closer homes appear once all the leaves are off the trees, and especially how one can clearly see their every detail. I noticed once again, those many having their blinds and drapes drawn every day of the week. Is natural light falling out of favor in these times?

After I had a quick lunch, I headed out to my little weekend project and worked there for about three hours until I got myself tuckered out. While there, an old acquaintance called whom I’d not heard from in weeks, and today’s call was full of anxiety, sadness, confusion, distress, and just about everything else that could be construed as someone having a very bad day. I listened, offered suggestions, gave encouragement, along with attempting to get him to realize our pasts are dead, and if we’ve lived thru some tumultuous times in our lives, then we should move forward and realize we’re all the stronger for it. By the time I hung up, I found I’d been on the phone for well over an hour. Hopefully after our conversation, he lightened up and had a better rest of his day.

As I am, likely all or most of you, have been getting political emails and text messages over these past weeks, but yesterday’s text was one that really went under my skin when reading the message that said something like, “We’ve noticed you’ve not yet voted, and if you don’t want to get anymore text messages from us, go and vote, and then we’ll stop sending you messages.” I was seething after I read it because this sharing of our personal information with the general public has go way too far.

First of all, I’d like to know why anyone’s political affiliation is available to the general public, and for sure, the “cloud” is gathering all the more information about us on a daily basis. Talk about “Big Brother” watching! I immediately reported it as spam, but today’s was just about as bad because the sender addressed me by name while reminding me that I must follow thru on performing my “fought for” right to vote. The creepiest part about that one, was when I punched the button sending it to spam, the message remained, so I had to personally delete it. Very concerning don’t you think? Heaven help us if in the future, they’ll be sharing with “Big Brother” the people we voted for, and if that should happen, you’ll not find me visiting a voting stall ever again. This year’s elections are creating some definite firsts, and I don’t like it one bit, and beginning with the bot texting.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The Bible remains for me a book of books, still divine – but divine in the sense that all great books are divine which teach men how to live righteously.

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