Double-deep Parking

Oh my goodness! We sure had a good freeze over the night and when I looked at the thermometer when leaving for work, it was eighteen degrees. Ouch! With that said, we’ll be seeing all the rest of our trees loosing the leaves they’ve been holding fast.

Since I didn’t have any morning appointments, I helped a sassy friend of mine move a few things requiring four arms instead of two. It didn’t take as long as I thought, and since I was already in my work clothes, I went over to my little-big project and finished raking leaves along with cleaning up my tomato and pepper garden those vile deer ruined. It was a very big lesson I learned this year about those creatures, so I’ll be taking all the more proactive steps to keep them at bay this next.

Every time I see people feeding squirrels, rabbits and deer, I so much want to get in their faces and say, “Don’t you realize you’re un-naturally promoting their acclimation to City life, along with helping to create population explosions?” I do wish we had great horned owls, the big hawks, and even bald eagles living nearby because they’d be the ones doing the culling.

I was so immersed in what I was doing, I lost track of time to where I had to rush back to my office so to change my clothes and head to my public open house at 114 – 11th St. NE, but I did manage to stop and grab a side salad at Hardee’s which I quickly ate before leaving.

One thing I forgot to mention several days ago, was my having finished up on a near three week project in my spare time which turned out better than I’d expected, and hopefully I’ll not have to return to it for a long while. As much as I try to drill into the heads of many, they still don’t understand the concept of taking care of their living quarters because if you take care of them, they’ll take care of you. It’s not that everyone should be maniacal about cleanliness, but rather creating regimens and sticking to them.

Some people set aside Saturday mornings for their cleaning while others make Sundays their day, along with those who break up their chores in small parts throughout the week. It matters not how they set them up, as long as they stick to their schedules.

My public open house was unsuccessful to the point where I was alone in that home the entire two hours, and luckily I had a book with me to keep me from nodding off. If there were any way I could clone myself, I’d purchase it and turn it into the shining star of Oak Park.

Just to keep my mind active, I was envisioning all the things I’d do with the interior which would include creating a custom kitchen, refinish its oak floors, having new thermal windows installed, and taking out that third bedroom on the 2nd floor and creating an open staircase up to what would be a very private third floor master bedroom with bath, and for sure, the views from it would be inspiring. Since the bathroom on the 2nd floor has a large closet in it, I’d remove its wall which would then afford room for a step-in shower, yet still have room to keep its existing claw-footed bathtub intact.

I would then have new capitals custom made for all the windows and doors which were removed a number of years ago, and then rebuild that stairway/front entryway opening into the living room where there’d be oak pillars which would make that home’s entrance more commanding.

Regarding the exterior, I’d immediately ditch its siding and have it re-sided with one of those vintage styles which would really make that home’s appearance stand out. And lastly, I’d re-design the front porch where it would have period style railings and pillars.
As far as the garage is concerned, I’d take down the existing and build an L-shaped one which would have double-deep parking on its long side, and another stall entering from the alley on the short which in the end, would offer a drive-thru on the back side. I’ve always liked those types of garages but hard to get situated on most lots due to there either being no alley, or not enough room to have a driveway coming in from the street.

You may now be thinking if I did all of that, I’d be upside-down on costs vs value, but not because I’d be doing most of the work myself which would cut the costs in half. One also has to remember its plumbing, heating and wiring is in good shape, as well as its roof being only about five years old. Now those are the big ticket items most dismiss.

Just today I noticed one of the neighbors having sided her home in white and trimmed in black which is too striking of a contrast for me. As I’ve said for many years, “A little black goes a long way.” I’ve seen homes painted completely white and then their storms and screens being black which I’ve always considered presentable, but when more black is added, its effect turns trash ugly.

I may be repeating this, but it’ll still be a good reminder for all of you when again speaking about a time many years ago, my mother having me paint the trim of her white home in black. After I finished it and her living with it for less than one year, and upon request from her, it was repainted a softer green which stayed that way for many years. For sure I didn’t like it, but I think she even more because it didn’t last even a four season.

Let’s hope we don’t get the snow they’re predicting for tomorrow because it’s much too early for that nasty stuff, but if we do get it, please be careful while driving because we all have to re-educate ourselves to driving on slippery streets.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The aim of any arguments or discussions, should never be victorious, but rather progressively enlightening.

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