Immersed in the Now

Yikes! We had a double whammy this morning with about an inch of snow on the ground along with temperatures in the teens. It looks like we are headed into an early winter which has me a little unsettled due to its early arrival, and the first thing I had to get done at the office, was sweep the snow off my front sidewalks. I noticed all the bicycle tracks which were likely from those hooded back-packers who seem to find our dark hours the best time to go zig-zagging down our streets and sidewalks. Once the sun goes down, the character of our Downtown changes in a big way to where you’d think we worked in some unsavory district of a large city.

After getting the snow removed, I changed my clothes and headed out to the landfill just so I’d be there when they opened. I’ve found they’re not so busy at that time, and likely because all the garbage trucks are still out filling their trucks with trash. I’m sure most of you don’t know that there are garbage trucks coming from greater distances than one would think because I’ve seen trucks from as far aways as Sheffield and Northwood dumping out there, so I guess it was appropriately named Landfill of North Iowa.

You can bet I didn’t waste any time getting that stuff dumped and out of there because I really cannot stand the smell of it all, and thankfully the below freezing temperatures this morning helped to keep it down.

As I was heading back to my office, I happened to notice a bald eagle heading in a southwesterly direction, and wondering if it was on its way to the landfill to nail one of those many scavenging birds. I thought it a bit creepy-cool when seeing it because I just mentioned several days ago how much I wished we had the big birds of prey in our City, and without question, this morning was the first time I’ve ever seen one out on the southwest side of our City. Let’s keep them coming.

With it being a Realtor-light monday morning at office, I busied myself with paying bills, cleaning floors, returning emails and phone messages that had come in over the night. Of course the inbox of my office email account was filled with even more spam, and most of it being political tripe. I can’t wait until these elections are over so we can get back to our job of living in these tumultuous times.

Since I decided not to save over as many flowers this winter, I made use of one of their metal pots to hold all the many white pinecones I picked up several weeks ago. I cleaned it really good and then placed those cones in a heaping fashion within, and then parked it in a conspicuous spot near my office’s front door and actually, it looked better than I’d expected. I now have two pots of cones where one of them is filled with giant Spruce cones and the other from an ancient White Pine. Of all the Spruce and Pine varieties, I’d say the White Pine are my favorite, and mostly because their needles aren’t stiff and pricky. There’s another variety of pines which I’ve found very beautiful, but they’re randomly dropping sharp needles and cones throughout the year which can be exceptionally annoying. I’ve picked up a number of their cones, but haven’t done anything with them as of yet, and yes, they’re all distinctly different.

I called the owner of 12 S. Willowgreen Court this morning just to give a head’s up of her townhome being shown tomorrow for a second time to prospective buyers. I always enjoy our visits, and today’s was about the resurgence of interests in quilting which has always fascinated me, and especially the ones which were created from tiny squares of various colored fabric, and then placed in patterns that “fit” its over-all appearance. One can only imagine the time it must take to create such works of fabric art. Of course being able to put one’s artwork into daily use, gives even more reason for people to get back into creating them. I have one which was gifted me a very many years ago which was created with those tiny squares, and whenever I notice it, I’m humbled by the many hours it must’ve taken to create it.

A call came in this afternoon from a gentleman inquiring on the Raven Ave acreage, and happened to be quite disappointed over it already being under contract, but from losses come gains because we ended up having a very long and interesting chat about missed opportunities in our City, the few in our midst who “think” they know what’s best for us, as well as the many possibilities awaiting North Iowa if only our powers that be would stop believing all is well and good with the direction we’re moving, because it isn’t.

There’s no doubt it was one of the longest phone calls I’d taken in some time, but after hanging up and having a good “think” about it, I was exceptionally glad he called because I’m coming more into the belief that great changes in our community will be on our horizon, and only if there happens to arrive on our scene, big players who know how to get declining populations reversed and real growth achieved.

What we both agreed upon, was the apathy of those who’re supposed to be watching our backs, but unfortunately all they’re doing, is going thru motions of doing their salaried jobs, and what I also deemed interesting, were names being mentioned of those who’ve always been at the right places and times, just so to singularly benefit for themselves.

Yes, the few special interest groups pushing against natural progress, along with those who’re doing everything they can to keep other players out of our City, will likely some day be confronted by those with far deeper pockets, and “good for all” visions. I’m convinced most in our society have allowed themselves to be “immersed in the now” to where they’re unable to see past tomorrow, and the best example of such irrational exuberance, is the willful wasting of our money on that already dead Music Man Square.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Lengthy meditation on the past creates mental stagnation.

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