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I was up and at it even earlier today because I was determined to get my new listing posted on Creekside Court before the sun came up, and luckily I did because I’d promised the sellers last night that I would have it posted everywhere. I would’ve had it on earlier but I had to make sure all of the information was correct before loading it.

After getting it posted, I headed out to place an arrow sign at the entrance to Pebble Creek, just so more people would see it. I figured the seller would be up already so I took with me, copies of everything they’d signed yesterday, and luckily one of them was outside, so I handed them off to him along with informing him I had their home posted out in the cyber universe before sunrise.

We already had a 9:00 a.m. appointment scheduled for another Realtor to show it, and wouldn’t you know it, the agent called about an hour later saying they were on their way back to their office to write an offer on it. So when I returned to my office at 11:00 a.m., the agent was at my door with the hardcopy of their offer. I proceeded to call the sellers, and wouldn’t you know it, that townhome was under contract in less than 24 hours. I figured it would sell quickly, but not that quick. I thanked the sellers immensely for making every preparation I asked because far too many of them don’t, and then wonder why their homes haven’t sold. If you did manage to take a look at the photos I took of it, you’d agree there’s nothing needing to be done with that unit other than move in.

It’ll be nice if I can keep the momentum going because I’ve had two big sales in less than two weeks. Now if the showing on 115 S. Connecticut went as well as I thought it did today, I’d say that one may possibly be the next to go under contract, which if it does, I’ll be dancing in the street.

What impressed me the most about the showing of it this morning, was how both buyers were completely smitten by it to where I was almost late for another appointment. I praised them on their good taste because it takes quite a bit for me to be impressed, yet that home definitely rings my bell. Most don’t realize that its back yard drops quickly behind the house which when on its monster back porch, one almost feels as if you’re on a second floor while standing there looking eastward. The previous owners certainly spared no expense with the extra details they added, as well as the copious number of recessed lights. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed in hopes my wish comes true with that being finally sold.

I had to make a quick trip out to the west-side of our City to use an automatic teller because the one in the Downtown office was on the fritz. Have you noticed of late how many more problems we’re having with electricity going out, machines not working properly, along with cell phone calls getting randomly dropped? I’m beginning to wonder if there are some dark forces creating this chaos. I’ll not put it past those likely thousands of government sponsored hackers in China and Russia who’re doing everything they can to undermine our democratic principles.

These past several days I’d been thinking about one of my dear friends, so I picked up the phone and called to see how she was doing. I was glad to hear all was good on her side of the fence, which I expected as much because she’s been diligent in staying out of the public as much as she can during this pandemic.

We had a relatively long conversation about all this political nonsense that’s being disseminated out into the general public via Youtube and Facebook. I figured she’d not heard about some of the really scary stuff I’d been told about from someone who’s definitely downed a big glass of the “Kool-Aide”. I’m still in shock to find well-educated adults allowing themselves to be duped into believing such hogwash. I’m beginning to wonder if this social distancing is having an effect on our public’s reasoning abilities, and likely some part of it due our knowing what happens to people who’re placed in solitary confinement which this China-virus has of sorts created.

I personally know some elderly people who’re experiencing adverse effects from it to where they’re having feelings of being trapped, lonely, powerless, and anxious over what our future will have in store for them. Believe it or not, I spoke to two people today who mentioned having recent dreams about death. Now that concerns me.

We also talked about how much more careful we have to be when in conversation with someone because I’ve found that if a sensitive subject is touched on, the conversation suddenly becomes dark and polarized. I did share the “feeling” I had when showing a young man homes, and just recently I’ve been noticing how he no longer seemed settled to where I could see a sort of “possessed” look in his eyes which relayed a sort of burning desire to get something or anything purchased. Believe you me, that is not how it’s supposed to work. Even more creepy, was finding his spouse having a sort of “along for the ride” daze. If that doesn’t sound like a divorce in the making, I’d like to know what does. Yes, the intensities of human nature are rising to heights I’ve never seen in real life. Yes, we see such dramas in the movies, but here in North Iowa?

I got a really good laugh today when a buyer mentioned he was going to convert the fourth bedroom of their new home into a “she-shed”, to where she’ll finally have all her own space to place things where she wants, and decorate as she sees fit. They’re even planning on finding an old chandelier to hang from the ceiling to give it an even more “she-shed” visual. Terribly funny.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The greatest evil which fortune can inflict on men, is to endow them with small talents and great ambitions.

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