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It was a welcome delight to have the temps back up to where it was actually comfortable outdoors once our sun grew high. I had to laugh to myself when feeling the cooler than normal wind coming from the south which was likely all the cold air being blown back on us from last week. I’m sure if it continues, it’ll be warming. It’s sort of like drawing bathwater to where you have to let the water run awhile before it gets warm.

It was a bit of a crazy Monday with the number of errands to run as well as taking care of the early phone calls which were numerous. In spite of having arrived early, I couldn’t believe it was almost noontime when looking at the clock. Yes, some Mondays can be road races.

During my lunch break, I took a drive over to my private garden and was shocked to find that both the pepper and tomato plants managed to dodge the bullet of two separate nights of frost. I was happy for them, but still angry over not having any tomatoes to use due to the nightly munching of those wicked deer, and of the nine pepper plants I grew from seed, seven of them have been continually eaten down to their woody stems, and the other two have peppers only in their top canopies which are doubled-up with deer netting. When considering how much work I put into growing them, and then the sprays and netting I used, I hope those deer responsible either get pancaked by an eighteen-wheeler, or ground into spicy deer sticks by one of our in-town bow hunters.

I have an appointment to show 115 S. Connecticut tomorrow morning and do hope the buyer falls in love with that exceptionally good value. I’m sure there will be those who’ll say after it’s sold, “I could’ve and should’ve.” There are several other buyers who looked at it and purchased others, and I’m afraid after a not so long lapse of time, they’ll also be wishing they didn’t purchase what they did. Oh well, reason seems to be out the window in these times and I’m not seeing it getting any better because I’ve been noticing more recent buyers exhibiting a sort of meta-physical intensity which gives me all the more reason for concern.

I did manage to get a fabulous townhome listed out in Pebble Creek which I’ll have uploaded early tomorrow morning. It’s located at 85 Creekside Court here in Mason City and I have it listed at $259,500 which puts it right in the range of recent comparable sales. This unit happens to have all the more bells and whistles such as beautiful maple woodwork, an open kitchen concept with raised bar, 2 big bedrooms and baths, main floor laundry, family room, 2 car attached garage, and much more. If that unit doesn’t sell right away, I’ll be shocked because it truly is a beauty. I’ve personally known the owners for a number of years and can attest they’re very good about taking care of their living quarters. Watch for my online details and photos early tomorrow morning.

When visiting with some customers today, the subject of “entities” came up which one of them seemed to find exceptionally fascinating, and certainly of the belief they do exist. I couldn’t help saying that some day when in the company of a group of interested parties, I’ll likely be telling numerous real-life stories about my personal experiences with “the other side” for at least two or more hours. I may have to rent auditorium space.

Since she was interested in hearing at least one, I decided to tell the grand-dad story of my experiences with a very angry entity at a small acreage many years ago. It was after that near harrowing experience that I became a true believer in a world where there are energies which we can’t see, touch, or smell, but they’re certainly there.

After sharing my experience at that acreage, one of the listeners said, “I totally believe you because there are always things happening in my newer home, and even though it’s new enough, I found out later that it was built on the site of an old farmstead. I looked at her saying, “Yes, there’re sites where no matter how much you scrape off, they’re still there.” She fully agreed with me, while also adding, “Which is why there are sites that are blessed with goodness, while others poisoned with evil.” I believe the balance and counter-balance also exists on the other side. After all these many years of experiences, Ive come to the conclusion that old farmsteads contain the highest numbers per capita.

After looking at my sold files and seeing how backed-up the title work on them is getting, I’m beginning to wish all the more that we still have two abstract companies in our County. When North Iowa Title, which used to be Shepherd Abstract Company, sold their books to their competitor being Cerro Gordo Abstract, I still remember shaking my finger at a few and saying, “There’ll be a time when we’ll all be wishing they didn’t sell it to them because whenever competition is destroyed, price-fixing and bottlenecking ends up taking place more sooner than later.

Take a look at the shortages we now have of many of our basics. Just today I went to buy my favorite shaving cream and found there was only one bottle of it on the shelf, and while yesterday when I purchased a small bottle of ammonia, once again there was only one bottle left. We can thank all those big corporations for selling out or creating factories in places like China which has now created undue shortages. No matter what anyone says, healthy competition is good for everyone because it forces companies to be more fair with their services and pricing. Have you ever noticed how in small towns certain services are higher if there’s only one company providing? Yes, that’s when being needy is out the window, and rampant greed gets kicked into high gear. How many times have you recently heard the words, “Well, if I can get that much, why not?” Now that’s not being community minded, or is it in these times?

Tonight’s one-liner is: The most absurd and reckless aspirations have sometimes led to extraordinary successes.

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