Gerry or Jerry

Having not had the best of night’s sleep, I found myself up all the earlier this morning, so I figured I might as well just get dressed and head to the office where I could at least get some work done. While driving there, I couldn’t help noticing once again all the hooded back-packing bicyclists there were zig-zagging around thru intersections and back alleys. Their midnight “bible study” group looked to be growing in size. Ok, I’m being a little sarcastic because I doubt there’s a book to be found in any of those bags. Isn’t it interesting how some can be so bold as to deal in drugs on bicycles.

When I arrived at my office, I proceeded to get myself situated for the day, and then begin working at returning emails that came in after hours. With this election around the corner, I’ve been getting all the more spam emails as well as office and cell phone calls from political spammers. I can’t wait until it’s all over and settled down.

After getting caught up, I went over and checked on one of my listings which has been having a rash of curious happenings, and thankful all looked well which prompted me to head back while breathing a great sigh of relief. As I was pulling into my parking space, I received a phone call from an old friend who’s been having a few semi-serious problems with her adult daughter. Pretty much all I did for about 45 minutes, was be her listening post and a bit of a shoulder to cry on. All I could do, was encourage her to stand firm with her convictions and not get into any sort of arguments over things she has absolutely no control. Unfortunately, she’s been texting and emailing her only child with some pretty harsh words regarding the way she’s recently been conducting herself.

Towards the end of our conversation, I firmly advised her not to be emailing her because I believed it would just make matters worse, and as much as I wanted to say it, I kept from also warning her that when there’s a great deal of money involved, there’ve been children of a widow or widower who’ve used such communications against them in a court of law, and there have actually been cases where they were wrongfully found to be of unsound mind. Yes, when there’s money involved, familial love and affection oft times takes a back seat to merciless greed. Oh well, I advised her as much as I dared, so we’ll see what comes from it.

I always think it’s sadly funny whenever showing seniors elder-friendly condos, and about 50% of the time, I find their children being their stumbling blocks, and later hearing they ended up staying put in homes they shouldn’t be in because of the weak excuses their children gave them like, “Oh Mom, I’d be heartbroken if you moved out of the home I grew up in.” Really? Deeper down, those words were just camouflaging the real reason, and that being, their precious inheritance would’ve been spent on something not meant for them. Just recently I reminded someone that here in Iowa, a child’s inheritance is just a gift, and definitely not a right. Just over these recent years, I’ve seen where naughty adult children were given too much, and if I were their parents, I would’ve given it to truly needy and all the more thankful people. But as it unfortunately is, most times the more one has, the more that’s wanted.

There was a funny happening several days ago which I thought worthy of sharing which had to do with a person’s name. While in conversation with a woman whose name is Geraldine, but goes by Gerry, mentioned that while at an office, a clerk spelled her name Jerry instead of Gerry and when seeing it, she looked at the woman and said, “Do I look like a man?” Too funny, but you have to give that poor woman a little credit because most people do get confused when writing the diminutives of that name. What I find interesting, is how this all got started way back when because there are males and females running around with non-binary names like Kelly, but not Gerald and Geraldine. So whenever you find a male going by Jerry, his given name is likely Gerald, and if there’s a woman going by Gerry, you can be pretty certain it’s Geraldine. At least for now, remember that the “J” is for a male, and the “G” is for a female, so from here on out, you won’t be wondering if a given person’s name is Gerry or Jerry.

Have you recently noticed how the price of lightbulbs have gone up? I was shocked today when having to pay over $8.00 for a six-pack of generic 60 watt lightbulbs, and if the wattage is 75, the price is almost doubled. There’s got to be some logical reason for those price differences, and possibly due to energy efficiency. I still wish they sold those tried and true regular lightbulbs we’ve all enjoyed for so many years.

I was outdoors for a short time today, and nearly driven mad by those nasty jiggers which were lighting on me from all angles. Those little devils pack a big bite for their size, and for sure I carried a few back into the office, which will likely be dead by the time tomorrow morning rolls around.

Our weather forecast looks promising for the next 10 days which will be good for all our late gardeners and nature lovers. I did notice a couple today who were wrapping their arborvitaes with burlap which I thought a bit early, but I guess they wanted to be sure they’d be out of harms way of deer. Yes, those imps do like munching on them to where I’ve seen the entire bottoms of arborvitaes being fully stripped as high as they could reach. Don’t you just luv all the domesticated deer we have running around?

While visiting with an old client today who’s a stellar cook of Italian cuisine, I was compelled to share my story about all the many of my San Marzano tomatoes that went into the bellies of those sub-creatures. She just couldn’t believe our “City” deer pushed thru my netting until I finally got her to understand that the wildlife we have living in our City, is acclimating to our ways along with being all the less fearful of humans.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The art of pleasing is the art of deception.

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