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It was a nasty September day with the temps hovering in the forties and with the misty-cold rain we were getting on and off all day, one would think we were living on an island off the coast of the northern reaches of Scotland, but fully prepared for it by wearing heavier underclothes, and a woolen dress jacket. I was going tie-less during those many weeks of heat, but with it having turned cold all of a sudden, I thought it best to start wearing one again.

Since my day was filled with appointments, I went very early to the office to get some bills paid before the phones started ringing, and fortunately I managed to get the most immediate ones paid and sent out in the mail. I have other ones to pay, but they can wait until I have more time.

One of my appointments took me to the 4-plex I have listed at 425 – 1st St. NE where I had to meet a Realtor and her buyer so I could help navigate them thru those units, and thank goodness I was there because the Realtor was a bit fearful of one of the tenant’s dogs.

After walking thru all of those units with them, I came to the conclusion that whomever buys it, absolutely must have it completely vacated before even thinking about it being a good long-term income producer. For sure I would not have four units, but rather only two larger, where one would encompass the entire main floor and basement, and the other having the full second and third floors. The next thing I would do, is have a four-stall garage built out back where there’d be two stalls for each unit. It many sound like a great deal of work and a huge expense, but in the end, an owner occupant could live on the main and then rent the upstairs to a young professional. Because it’s very much centrally located, it would attract those who work in or near our Historic Downtown, and if it were restored and updated, the rents on it would be higher along with far fewer expenses. With it being so close to our Crescent of Culture, there’s no logical financial reason for it being a weak four-unit conversion. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

I was busy setting appointments for this coming Friday where I’ll be out of town showing an acreage once again. In these recent times, I’ve discovering all the more young ones who turn deaf ears to the advice coming from those who’ve been around the horn many more times, and instead, fully relying on what information and/or statistics they’re finding on the internet. Having learned long ago that much of what’s being touted as the whole truth, isn’t even close, and if you think just because some company is highly rated with their questionable five stars, you’d better do your own personal research, and that means talking to some live humans with un-filtered answers.

Oh you can bet there are many tricks to the trade where some businesses actually pay certain un-named giant companies to have their web rankings raised which I find border-line unethical. As far as I’m concerned, if you’re fearful about being ranked on your own merits, you must be doing something wrong. Just yesterday I mentioned to an old client how easily duped people are when they go searching for something on the internet and oft times making poor decisions based on what their internet searches have told them. You can bet there are high percentages of people who’re of the belief that if they’ve read something on the internet, it’s 100% the gospel truth. Now isn’t that scary?

There’s one particular young man who considers himself a whiz at gathering correct information, when in fact he’s quite weak because he doesn’t cross-reference important facets of a given search, but he really can’t be blamed because like so many in these times, they don’t step back and think about how many ways a person can cross-check data that’s been dumped out into out cyber universe. In the old days of the main frames, we used to say, “If it’s garbage that went in, then it’ll be garbage coming out.” Unfortunately, back then there were far more creative minds than now and what I find troubling, are their numbers continuing to drop.

Much of my afternoon was spent doing some research for a client who’d asked me for it several weeks ago, and when questioning me yesterday if it was done, I made a point to go over to the Courthouse and begin my search, and today being the first time I’ve stepped into that building since the China-virus hit, I was not surprised to find all the plexiglass barricades at the counters of all their departments.

In the old days, I used to go searching myself for what I needed because I’ve known for years where to look, but not today which caused me to be a tiny bit irritated when having to hand over my request to one of their workers. After explaining what I wanted, I changed the subject and said, “Seeing how cumbersome this voting protocol is going to be for the general public, I won’t be surprised if this year’s general election will register the fewest numbers of those voting.” Of course my words weren’t well received which came as no surprise because too many in Government positions think our older generation is going to be easily led down uncharted paths to personally cast their votes. I’ve already been told by some of my elder-clients that they’re not even going to bother this time around, and several even saying they weren’t going to mail-in’s either. Such voter apathies are likely being created by all these partisan groups who “think” they know what’s best for our Country. Here we go again that tribal mindset of, “If you’re not with us, then you’re against us.” I hope some day we can get of Oz and back to Kansas.

After I paid for some office supplies at Fareway’s register, the young man didn’t bother to put what I purchased in a bag so I said to him, “I will not have the general public seeing what brand of toilet tissue I use.” He blushed red and then sacked. Poor baby.

Tonight’s one-liner is: The infinitely little have a pride infinitely great.

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