Cold Man Winter

As much as we need the moisture, I think Mother Nature could’ve been a little more kind by not allowing todays temps to drop so far down, but after reading just recently the main reasons for these weather anomalies, is the continued warming of our world due to the ever-growing pollution. We may think we’re safe from the radical weather patterns on our coastlines, but in fact we’re just as vulnerable due to the excessive wobbling of the Jet Stream. I’m sure all of you remember that horrible arctic vortex we had back in the winter of 2018 where we had one night I personally saw it drop -50 degrees below zero. That was a night I’ll never forget. On the flip-side of that wobbling, the Arctic areas in turn are much warmer when it drops down from Canada. The Jet Stream is normally circling our globe in a standard fashion much farther north of our borders which is why we must all start stepping back farther so to more fully understand the concept of cause and effect whenever un-natural occurrences take place such as the growing number of destructive straight-line winds we’re now having to endure on a yearly basis.

I mentioned to a dear friend today that it wouldn’t surprise me if we were back in the 80 degree zones two weeks from now which would be a good thing for those nurturing vegetable gardens which are now producing heavily. Our outdoor farmer’s market wasn’t much of a success today due to the rain which is yet another reason we need an indoor marketplace where vendors aren’t being restricted by our radical weather patterns. I’m still encouraging everyone to start pressing the “powers that be” to get one going here in our City. There’s no question in my mind it would create a very much needed enterprise for years to come.

I met with the seller of 818 N. Pennsylvania today so to get a price reduction signed. It is now officially down to $82,000.00 and very much worth it because of all the big-ticket items that’ve recently been done to it including newer thermal windows, permanent siding, high efficiency furnace, updated wiring, newer garage and more. Yes, it’s about time these young buyers start understanding the concept of buying into lasting value instead of money-pit lipsticked pigs. Please put the word out on this home so we can get it sold.

I’m planning on hosting a public open house over at 115 N. Connecticut this coming Saturday afternoon. We’ve had some good interest on it recently, but that’s not enough because I want it sold. If there were ever one “yell-of-a-buy” in this City, that home is it. Just the cost of those high-end Marvin Windows should’ve made any buyer understand that the previous owners went top-drawer on all the improvements they made on it. I’d decided months ago that it’s going to be making its own choice on who’ll be purchasing it because every time I’m in it, I always get the best of “feeling” while within. Truth be told, if I were looking for a home in these times, that one would be on the top of my list.

I had a showing this afternoon over at Prairie Place on 1st which went well, but not sure if the buyers are ready to make such a radical change in housing because the home they currently live in, is very much larger than even the biggest units available. They did have some very positive comments about the quality of construction, its cleanliness and over-all condition. I was a little surprised I’d not run into any of the residents, but considering the weather, I shouldn’t have been.

The owner of 112 – 3rd Ave. North in Clear Lake is coming to my office tomorrow to do a price reduction on it, and it sounds like she’s going to drop it to $279,500 which is well in the range of what’s been selling over near their lakeshore. I absolutely love the open concept of that year-round cottage, and you can be sure I’d be enjoying it all four seasons if I owned it. All that wonderful natural wood gives it a very warm and inviting feeling, along with smiling every time I pull up in front as my reminder of the years long ago when my sister and I were traveling the back-roads of Northern Europe where nearly every turn offered something memorable.

I did manage to get all my monthly office accounting done in a fast swoop due to everything balancing to the penny which is always a relief and very much due to my hatred of spending extra time to look for errors. I thought I’d have all my bills paid as well, but the continued drop-ins and phone calls didn’t allow for it, so tomorrow morning will be set aside just for that.

The two condos I showed to a family whom I’ve worked with over these many years was a very much needed uplift, and mostly because we’ve known each other long enough to where the filters go off and the dark humor begins. For the strangest reason, I swear we must share some of the same DNA because of our thought processes and outlooks. One of the sisters actually has not only a strong physical resemblance, but also many personality traits of my long-deceased sister. We normally hug whenever together, but with this China-virus still raging, we both knew to keep our distances for safety reasons.

We talked a little bit about the home I sold her and husband several years ago and still to this day, my believing it was nothing less than a “Divine Intervention” because of the way in which I almost became frantic over getting in touch with them to look at a home that had come on the market. Having known that home from a previous sale, I felt certain they’d fall for it, and that they did. There’s no question that had it been on the market one day longer, it would’ve been sold to another. I wasn’t surprised today to hear they still love their home.

As I was driving home and watching the skies, I couldn’t help having that feeling our “cold man winter” is on his way back, so let’s all work at enjoying the remaining days.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experiences of others?

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