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Another morning arrived with a light rain falling, and for sure it felt like a rainy and cold October day, and to think we’re only at the10th of September. One of the positive things about this cold rain, was my not seeing all the many back-packing bicyclist flying up and down the streets before dawn heading back from their midnight “study groups”.

Most of my morning was spent back at my desk work along with struggling at getting one of my listings sold. If the selling agent gets the agreed-upon price initialed by her buyer, that’ll be another long-overdue sale. Yes, it looks like our market is still on a roll with the exception of our elder-friendly condos. I’m pretty much convinced it’s this China-virus keeping our seniors from venturing out and looking for something more suitable for their current needs, so let’s hope there’s a vaccine soon on its way down the pipeline because this social distancing and the wearing of face masks is getting old.

Those of us who wear glasses are going to be dealing all the more with them steaming up while wearing them when our below freezing temperatures arrive. Just think what it’s going to be like when using hand sanitizers and face masks during the winter, and since my hands get easily chapped from washing them so often, those alcohol-based sanitizers are going to make matters all the worse for me.

I heard from several people today that our weather is supposed to be back up in the 70’s next week, so make sure you get as much done outdoors as possible considering how see-sawing our weather patterns have been this year. I do hope we have an extended Fall because that’ll shorten up our sometimes evil winter months.

I’ve already been making plans as to what tall-fenced garden I’m going to be creating early next Spring when knowing I’m not going to be putting up with the destructive tendencies of our over-populated White Tailed deer. I still think their meat would make a healthy cat food infused with a fish flavor. Some months ago I read an article about the growing populations of those exceptionally destructive feral hogs which could also be turned into boutique canned foods for cats and small dogs. Just remember, pork is supposed to be the other white meat. Right?

Having not had my hair cut in many weeks, I finally managed to get scheduled for a shearing this afternoon by my cousin who owns his own barber shop in Garner. He’s been at it for over a year now, and I can say he’s got quite the raging business going which makes me very happy, and I’m sure he’s now wishing he’d listened to me years before when insisting he open his own shop. It’s not that he’s my cousin when saying the work he does is the best I’ve seen, and above all, he loves what he does and it shows.

While cutting my hair, we usually end up talking about current events, and today’s was all about how China with it’s massive fishing fleet is systematically endangering our oceans ecosystem by their over-fishing in international waters along with their undetected invasion of territorial waters belonging to other countries. This is one more example of how an over-populated totalitarian regime can near single-handedly strip our world of its natural resources. As far as I’m concerned, our world leaders absolutely must come together and put a stop to such willful destruction.

Not too many days ago, a dear one mentioned how she believes this spirally down of our planet into continued natural disasters which have been due to our man-made climate change, is now beyond the point of being turned back, and seeing what has happened with these crazy global weather anomalies, I’m sorry to say I believe she’s correct. If that be the case, we’re going to see some really ugly storms in the future and likely similar to those straight-line winds Southern Iowa got hit with about a month ago. As far as I’m concerned, that was likes of an inland hurricane.

My cousin who’s usually very conservative in his thinking regarding such thoughts, also agreed that there’s been some abnormal things that’ve happened with our weather which had to have been caused by the humans. I encouraged him to do as much research on the subject and then be more vocal about it whenever on the subject with his customers. I reminded him he has three young children who’re going to be suffering all the more in the coming decades if we don’t take action, along with insisting it’s about time we stop thinking about ourselves and start focusing on the health of our planet. He was fully brought up to speed regarding my concerns and hopefully he’ll understand and follow-thru.

I’m hoping we’ll be getting more showing on the year-round cottage I have over at Clear Lake now that the owner has reduced its price to $279,900. There was a showing on it over the noon hour today, and another scheduled for this coming Saturday, so hopefully we’ll have it sold before the cold arrives. I did remind the seller that Clear Lake’s market is usually only strong from Memorial Day to Labor Day, but with this buying frenzy in North Iowa, it may continue on thru our winter months, and from what the statistics are showing, there are all the more people with money living in metro areas who’re purchasing 2nd homes in smaller communities. With all the stricter rules regarding the coronavirus in our bigger cities, it comes as no surprise they’re wanting to get out and away from it all.

I have morning appointments out of town tomorrow, and if it’s quiet when I get back, I’ll be taking part of the afternoon off so I can get some much needed outside chores done if it’s not raining. Yes, the cold months are on their way and I don’t want to be fighting the frost while trying to get things buttoned up.

Tonight’s one-liner is: All styles are good except the tiresome kind–especially the drop-crotch.

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