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That was quite the storm we had yesterday evening, and hopefully the last one like it for the season, because those strong gusts of wind were wicked. I personally saw one limb come tearing down, and after a few conversations today with residents in our fair City, it sounded like there were some really big trees that had created hellacious damages.

I mentioned again today how odd it is to have those straight-line winds coming from the west, because in all my years up until just recently, I don’t ever remember them coming out of that direction. Since trees naturally brace themselves against prevailing winds, it comes as no surprise when they crack and snap from strong gusts coming from abnormal directions. So much for those beliefs of some that global warming is just a myth.

My day started earlier again, and the reason being several of my closing files in need of immediate attention. I did manage to get everything done on one which is now ready to close, but there’s another I had to stop working on because I didn’t have all the numbers and docs I needed. Late this afternoon I did receive everything I was missing, so tomorrow morning, I’ll be able to finish up on that one as well.

After visiting with the owners of 721 N. Delaware, they decided to reduce the price on their home to $64,500 which should create some much-needed interest. There’s really not many homes in that price range in our City offering the number of recent big-ticket updates it has.

During my lunch hour I had to go on a hunting expedition, and fortunately I did find what I was looking for. I may have mentioned this before, but if any of you are having problems with keeping your countertops, sinks, stoves, and refrigerators looking like new, try Softscrub with bleach, which comes in a blue bottle. The regular Softscrub comes in a white bottle, but that doesn’t work nearly as well as the “blue”. I was out on the east side of our City, so I dropped in at HyVee to grab a bottle, and wouldn’t you know it, they were all out, so I headed over to Fareway, and thankfully they still had a supply.

I’m still wondering what these shortages are all about, because you can walk down a given aisle and find certain shelves empty, while others being full, and no rhyme or reason for it. Could it possibly be where those products are being manufactured?

While visiting with a group today, we ended up talking about how troubles and deaths usually come in 3’s, and with there already two going on in our Country, some of us are waiting for another shoe to drop. I did bring up the idea that with many families, deaths usually come in 3’s, and when talking about it, one of them mentioned that whenever there’s a sudden death in their family, a sibling of his starts smelling roses soon before. Now that sent some shivers up my spine. I couldn’t help asking, “Does he really smell roses?” According to her, he does. I’ve never heard of an olfactory clairvoyant, but I’m sure they’re out there. It’s been said that some can “smell” death, but I think that’s when they’re near someone who’s on their deathbed.

It was certainly a tedious Monday for me with all the emotional roller-coaster rides I got pulled into, but that’s what many of us have to deal with when marketing real estate. It’s no wonder I enjoy my off-hours and able to spend time alone, because it’s the only time I can get myself re-calibrated for another session of it.

My frustrations were nearly off the charts by the time my day ended because of how so many don’t pay attention to what’s been said, rarely ever follow thru with what they’ve agreed to do, and if they should, it’s usually half-baked attempts. Oh, and don’t even consider believing those who feel the numbers of entitled aren’t rising, because their numbers are growing with a vengeance. Of course, whenever I challenge people about their chronic “all about me” mentalities, they turn on me like feral cats. I’m coming to believe even more that those with such mindsets have never really had to go it alone, and there nearly always being family members waiting in their shadows with thick checkbooks, and all the readied for additional bail-outs.

What really gets me, is that they’re so used to it, they feel absolutely no shame in asking, and subsequently accepting help from their families for non-life threatening bumps in their roads. I profusely thank my parents for instilling in me the sense of responsibility for one’s own actions. Yes, it’s always good to have someone watching our backs for us, but never expecting them to step in unless there’s a real crisis. Don’t you think that’s the way it should be?

As chance would have it, one of my dear acquaintances called this afternoon, and while on the phone, we ended up on the subject of religion and prayerfulness. Since he’d asked, I soulfully shared my thoughts about contemplative prayer, and for him to give it a try, because with his deep understanding of many things, I’d say he’d benefit greatly from it. He assured me he’d give it a try, so the next time he calls, I’ll find out how it went.

I have to meet a contractor over at one of my listings tomorrow, and looking like I’ll have another precious hour or more killed while waiting for him to get his job done. Like I said, in my profession, there are many hats to be worn.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Seeing much, suffering much, and studying much, are the three pillars of learning.

Joe Chodur

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