The Right to Adorn

Another long day at the office again, but at least I managed to get one more file readied for closing next week which was a relief. With the more restrictions of human contact at the banks, and the additional disclosures needing to be delivered to buyers due to the TRID rules, the waiting until a week or less to get all files completed has become a thing of the past. We’ve had more closings go beyond their agreed-to dates, which doesn’t make me happy, but unless I have both sides of a transaction, there’s only so much I can do to keep things moving.

I had to do a final walk-thru on a home this morning, and not surprised to find it not as clean as I was assured, which is just another example of how all the more think a good cleaning is nothing more than a good sweep with an old broom. I’m sure the buyers aren’t going to be happy when they do their walk-thru, and may possibly ask for a cleaning allowance from the sellers before they agree to close on it. It’s funny how times have changed because 20 years ago, nearly all sellers were more than conscientious about the way they’d leave their homes, where today it’s more an exception instead of the rule.

All the many landlords are now asking for greater than one month’s rent as their security/damage deposits, and simply because the cost of getting them cleaned and repaired exceeds those amounts. I used to think such large amounts were punitive, but after seeing how many of today’s exiting tenants leave their units, I think a greater amount is in everyone’s best interest.

Someone told me today about a news clip they recently watched regarding how some of the rioters are demanding the stained glass windows and statues in churches be removed because of the supposed racial bias they’re representing. I was so much in dis-belief, I asked another who’s very much up on the news, and unfortunately it was confirmed.

What really gets me, is that we very much have separation of church and state laws that’ve been tried and true these many generations, which should remind everyone that all the various churchgoers have the right to adorn their sacred structures any way they see fit. As I’ve said before, if this craziness doesn’t stop, we’re all going to be sucked into the abyss of chaos. Let’s hope sensibilities return quickly.

I’m now beginning to get more calls on 12 S. Willowgreen Court since we reduced its price, and looking like there are already three showing scheduled for this week. That’s a great unit for the money, and containing a kitchen to die for. With the inventories getting low, I’d say we should have that under contract soon.

I’m going to host a public open house this Saturday morning out at 15 Farmstead Square from 10:00 – Noon, and hopefully that’ll have a good turnout. It’s making no sense to me why that home isn’t under contract yet, and the only thing I can come up with, are the drive-by lookers believing it to be smaller than it really is, which is why I’m having another open house on it. Since it’s a raised ranch, which happens to be my all time-favorite type of ranch home, a person living in one would never have the feeling of being in a basement because of the taller windows they offer. Another plus with such styles, is the greater elevation at the rear which offers more views off their back decks. Please put the word out so I can get this sold.

I had a later than normal appointment at a home this evening, and with it being a second showing, the buyer spent more time giving it a better inspection. Since it’s not one of your run of the mill floor plans, the type of buyers that would find it appealing, are limited because there’s only one bedroom on the main floor, and the other two being on the lower level. As we all know, young couples do not like having their bedrooms on a different level than their young children, and especially if their bedrooms are above their sleeping adolescents.

Just yesterday I noticed more graffiti on a building, which makes me bristle whenever seeing such childish pranks. It makes me wonder how those naughty monkeys would like it if someone spray painted graffiti on their precious vehicles with epoxy paint. Perhaps then they’d understand how others feel when it being done to them.

I’m also noticing all the more back-packing bicyclists circling around our inner-city blocks, which tells me the drug dealing is alive and well. When asking a tradesperson today about why they just don’t go and get normal jobs, he jokingly said, “Why should they because they can sleep until noon, get on their bikes and make a handful deliveries, and then have the rest of the day off.” But then I said, “You know as well as I do, sooner or later they’ll get caught.” He laughingly said, “So they get thrown in jail, have three meals a day, and free to make their own toilet wine.” Ouch! He got me.

I went over and checked my little garden today, and thankfully the deer haven’t disturbed those tomatoes and peppers. Before they begin setting fruit, I’m going to stop over to a dear friend of mine and borrow some of her deer netting which she so willingly offered. This time around, I’m going to be as pro-active as possible against the pests.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Authors who speak copiously about their own books, is almost as bad as mothers who speak in a similar fashion about their own children.

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