The First Light

First and foremost, I want to wish all of you fathers a happy Father’s Day, and hopefully you managed to get together with your families. Since the weather was pleasant, I’m sure many of you were grilling outdoors. Big backyards make for great places to enjoy those you love, while still being able to social distance.

I made a point to get up around 4:45 and be out on the road as soon as I could because I wanted to experience the Summer Solstice sunrise which was to happen somewhere around 5:31. Since the bulk of Mason City is in the lower section of a bowl, I had to drive out in the country, just so to get a better glimpse of the sun coming up.

When I got up and out to flatlands, the sun had already come up, and having not looked for the solstice sun in a number of years, I was wowed by how far north it was coming up. I was trying to find something to take a photo of while out driving, but not much of a chance until I was over near the Shell Rock River where I stopped to have a look at how high the water was, and while giving it all a good scan, something caught my eye, and wouldn’t you know, there on a sawed off limb was a squirrel gazing into the first light of our Summer Solstice sun. That squirrel appeared as though it was being mesmerized, which is why I took the above photo.

After driving around for about another half hour and stopping to take a few more shots which I’ll share with you in the coming days, I headed back to the City so I could get my Sunday spiritual time completed in my quiet little corner at the office. I spent a little more time in my contemplative session, just so to make sure I had myself squared away for the coming days. As I was walking out, I honestly felt twice better than I did before stepping in. Yes, I’d highly recommend everyone to at least give it a try, because it works for me, and certainly for all the many more thousands of other contemplatives who’ve gone before us.

I decided today was going to be my physical labor day, so I changed into my work clothes, and headed over to my private garden to check on those tomatoes and peppers. Just as I was driving up, I could see a devil deer had been at it again, and this time with those peppers. It managed to tip over three of those plastic covers I had on them, and thank goodness I discovered it early enough, because all three of them would’ve been dead once the sun came around and fried their exposed roots.

Realizing enough was enough, I re-planted the three that had been disturbed, removed the rest of their plastic covers, and then placed wire tomato supports around every one of them. The last thing I did, was to spray those hangers, the tomatoes and peppers, and the ground around them with that stinky deer repellant. For sure I’ll have to use that stuff on them after each rain, because it must’ve all washed off from the recent one we had.

Isn’t it crazy how we have to be all the more proactive in protecting flowers and vegetables from those nasty creatures right here in the City? I still believe there needs to be an open bow season on them in our city limits until their numbers are diminished, because if there isn’t something done about them, we’re going to have herds wandering anywhere and every where while eating all edible in sight.

After I finished getting that little garden in order, I drove over to my little/big project and worked nearly my entire day on getting all the many little ends taken care of, along with some deep cleaning. Unfortunately I had to call it quits today before getting everything I wanted done, which means I may have to put in some very early hours, or late ones. I’ll likely go with the early because of it being high summer. I’ve always been one who’d rather work earlier than later, and still to this day, I try really hard at getting as much completed as I can before the noon hour arrives.

It looks like our weather has taken a turn for the worst, and I sure hope the bad stuff misses us like it did the last time we had a nasty storm warning. I guess I’ll have to be watching the weather closer, because I hadn’t heard we were supposed to have any rain. These storms sure like to creep up on us.

One of my dear ones who lives out of State called me today, and pretty much all we talked about was this social unrest that’s been taking place around our Country. I mentioned how much this is beginning to remind me of the Bolshevik Revolution back in the early 1900’s where the populous took to the streets and started destroying everything attached to the Romanov monarchy. In the end, the Soviets took control of Russia and destroyed nearly all of their historic monuments, re-wrote the Russian history books, and turned away from everything considered religious. I think it was Lenin who said, “Religion is the opium of the people.”

As all those who’ve been immersed in Social Studies would agree, history continues to repeat itself, and if we don’t recognize when it’s starting to happen again, we’ll unfortunately get pulled right back into that slow moving wheel of history, and no matter what anyone says, violence will always beget violence, and its end nearly never being what was being fought for.

I’m soulfully wishing you all a safe remainder of our day, along with a productive and delightful week ahead.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Do not let spacious plans for a new world divert your energies from saving what’s left of the old.

Joe Chodur

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