A Run on Sugar

It was quite the hectic day again to where I was starting to feel like a yo-yo with the all the comings and goings, but fortunately managed to get everything I needed done in a timely manner.

Around mid-morning, I went out to 818 N. Pennsylvania and took all new exterior and interior photos. I’m hoping they’ll be all the more presentative of that home’s value to the buying public. I’m still in disbelief we haven’t had an offer on it because of all the room, recent updates, and oodles of storage. There’s actually a huge walk-in attic that’s off that bigger-than-big bedroom upstairs. You rarely find floored attics like that where there’s even a window in it for ventilation.

While out, I also stopped and took a photo of 114 – 11th St. NE which has been another listing of mine I’ve been on a burn to get sold. It certainly shows how times have changed with our younger crowd, because twenty years ago, there’d be buyers standing in line wanting to buy that home. There’s a great deal of up-side potential with it that’s being overlooked. I’d rather be busy with something like that, instead of mindlessly plopped in front of a television or computer screen, just for something to kill time and keep from going stir-crazy.

When visiting with one of my colleagues, I couldn’t help mentioning the three doors I saw yesterday with broken panels. She was so much shocked by it, she paused a moment and asked, “What kind of anger issues could a man like that have to where he’d punch out solid door panels?” All I could say was, “I’ve come to the belief that he’s got a substance abuse problem, because what he did, was way beyond the norm.” People with such mindsets, are like powder kegs where that’s all it takes is the smallest of “matches”, to set them off with a destructive force. I did assure her that I’ve already sent him out into the universe for karma to deal with, just so I can soulfully continue moving forward with my own job of living.

Since we were on the subject of karma, she was in full agreement that things people intentionally do to others, will come back to rest manyfold upon their shoulders. I shared a few stories of my own about people who got their comeuppance years later, and squealing like piggies being led to slaughter over their newly arrived troubles. But the most interesting part of it all, is they rarely if ever, consider such misfortunes as their paybacks for the pain and suffering they’d caused others.

I’ll be listing a home tomorrow morning which I’m hoping is going to sell right out of the gates because of the great up-side potential it has, and mostly due to its surrounding neighborhood. I’m definitely going to be calling a few clients of mine who do flipping as a side-line, because any money one would throw at it, would offer a great return on equity. That’s one particular home I hope to sell myself.

I couldn’t believe how hot it suddenly turned, and when seeing the thermometer at 100 degrees, I shook my head saying, “This is way too early in the season for it to be this hot.” Of course I didn’t like hearing we’re possibly going to get 70+ mile per hour winds, and golfball-size hail. Let’s hope neither comes true. Some weeks ago I did mention to another who said we’re supposed to have a hot summer, and my answer being, “If it’s going to be so hot, we’ll likely be seeing some nasty storms created from it.” Oh how I hope it’s not going to be that kind of summer because with wind like that, there’s going to be more of our tall trees coming down, which I’ll not want to see. These recent years have not been kind to our big boys that’ve freely offered cooling shade for years on end.

With my shopping list in hand, I drove over to Fareway before heading home to grab some things, and as I was walking in, there was a young man ahead of me who seemed on a mission because of how quickly he was walking without notice in a particular direction. I didn’t pay much attention to him, until I encountered him stooping over in the baking section and grabbing what looked like five and ten pound bags of sugar, and if that didn’t seem odd enough, I just happened to notice he had what looked like more than one twenty dollar bills clenched between his teeth. Now that was an odd sight, but none of my business. Right?

Wouldn’t you know it, he was in the next check-out aisle with all those bags of sugar, and as he was being helped out with them by a worker, I couldn’t help saying to the clerk, “Now what in the world would somebody be doing with all those bags of sugar?” Of course no answer. By the time I was checked out and heading out to my car, they were still loading bags of sugar in the back end of that guy’s SUV. Wicked me couldn’t help saying to the gal that was waiting for me to give back my cart, “I’ll give you a dollar if you go over and ask that guy what he’s doing with all that sugar.” Of course she didn’t think it was as funny as I did, but I continue wondering what that big sugar purchase was all about, and please don’t make be believe there’s now a run on sugar because of a shortage.

Tonight’s one-liner is: If the human race wishes to have a prolonged and indefinite period of prosperity, they have only got to behave in a peaceful and helpful way toward one another.

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