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It was a blessing we didn’t get hit with the expected wind and hail last night because it would’ve been a nasty situation this morning if we did. I’m sure all the big roofing companies in our area were disappointed we didn’t have hail because that’s like hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. I remember one of them saying some years ago, “Hail is my friend.” I’ve never been one who’s actively encouraged gain from someone else’s pain.

My first order of the day was to go out and list 1704 S. Pennsylvania here in Mason City. I’m sure some of you have already looked at the photos and said, “Oh no!”, but after having inspected it for the second time, I could see oodles of upside potential with it. First of all, it has exceptionally good bones, which is what counts the most. It offers over 900 square feet of living area, a good roof, the basement appears to be a dry one, it has three bedrooms, oak floors and woodwork, and a 24 x 26 double garage that’s in very good condition. But, the biggest plus, is that it’s right across the street from Roosevelt School which most consider a safer zone. We must remember, if a person gets nailed for dealing drugs within so many feet of a school, that’s when the charges become exceptionally severe.

Since it’s priced at $43,900.00, and you add another $20,000.00 in improvements, you’d still only have $63,900 in it, and with the sale prices skyrocketing in and around the $100K price range of homes in our City, I believe if it were tricked-out to the max, there’s no question it would be pushing towards the $90K – $95K sale price range, or even more. Now that’s what I’d call a good return on a short-term investment.

After looking at the recent postings of closed sales, I was once again shocked to find what homes are bringing this year. There has to be a sub-conscious driving force with today’s buyers, and I believe it’s akin to a very deep and primal instinct within them where they’re wanting to create safe shelters against future forces beyond their control. Some have said it’s the interest rates, but I don’t believe it has much if anything to do with that, and the more crazy our market gets, the closer it’ll be looking like what happened to our market back in 2008. If there’s a repeat, then we’ll be once again flooded with foreclosures, and shortly thereafter, the bottom feeders will be back out buying and adding those “fire sale” homes to their already bloated rental portfolios. If that happens, we’re going to be seeing more older neighborhoods being affected by all the many more unctuous rental homes in those districts.

I had to run up to Northwood this afternoon and pick up an abstract that had already been continued. When the abstractor called, I was shocked to find it was already updated. Since I’ve come to know her, we spent a few minutes talking about recent events, and of course the real estate market. It sounds like Northwood is also seeing their prices rising, but after reading in the news Diamond Jo’s is going to be laying off workers, I’m hoping those permanent lay-offs will be able to find something else to do, just so they can continue making ends meet on their already self-induced tight budgets.

While up there, I stopped to take the above photo of what looked like an Azalea bush, but not so sure it was, and only because of its height and color. I do know they get tall, but I’ve not seen any of such height or color growing in North Iowa. When I have time, I’ll have to investigate them more thoroughly because I wouldn’t mind having several of them in my jardin. One of my relatives used to have low-growing purple ones which really didn’t trip my trigger, but today’s taller and more colorful, certainly did.

It must’ve been the “rag” day for many, because nearly every other call coming in, was someone complaining about something I have no control over. Even though I try to accommodate, there’s just so far my know-how and abilities can reach. I had to grit my teeth more than once when listening to a few griping profusely. The unfortunate thing about some, is that they waste more time and energy complaining about trivial things, to where if they’d just take care of such annoyances themselves, they’d be farther ahead. Oh well, we just have to trudge forward and do what we can each and every day, and simply leave it at that, because I’ve learned long ago, there’s no pleasing everyone.

While on my way home today I noticed a big doe munching on some crunchy hostas of a yard in a heavy residential district. Now that was a first, because I normally see them in the morning, but never late afternoon. Seeing that she-devil, tells me they’re growing all the bolder. It’s about the time they start dropping all the more of their baby imps, and littering North Iowa with even more of them. If only the DNR would create an open season on them, there’d be meat on the tables of our many game-eaters for months. For whatever reason, I just can’t develop a taste for their meat, and likely never will.

I’ll be hitting the road all the earlier tomorrow morning because I’ve got some work to get done before office hours. I started a project several days ago, and wasn’t able to get at it until late this afternoon, but unable to finish it, so hopefully I’ll have it completely done before the hour of eight.

With the arrival of the full moon this Friday, let’s hope we don’t have added violence and rioting, because it has been said for years, the full moon seems to heighten the temperaments of humans. If you don’t believe me, ask any late-shift convenience store clerk, because I’ve heard enough stories about the crazy things they’ve seen and happen in and around their stores.

Tonight’s one-liner is: We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we freely and soulfully give without even the finest of strings attached.

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