Mell of a Hess

Several times in the night, I was awakened by the rain, and sure enough, we must’ve received more than just a little because of the puddles I was driving thru in the streets as I was heading to work. When looking at the weather yesterday, I could’ve sworn we had only a slim chance of getting any precipitation in the night, but before darkness arrived, the clouds in the west looked like rain.

It certainly was a hectic 1st of the month, and a good thing I went at it early enough so to keep ahead of the phone calls and appointments. My first appointment was to check on a house that a tenant had vacated, and to my shock, I’d discovered broken panels in three doors, filth, bent blinds, torn screens, and a stove only two years old, looking like it was twenty. And to think that naughty monkey said he always has a cleaning person go in after moving out. It’s no wonder more landlords are asking for steep security/damage deposits from new tenants. It’s always the bad apples that spoil it for the rest of our good ones. There’ll be a day of reckoning for such people, because in my long years of property management, I’ve seen it happen over and over. Unbeknownst to him, karma is already focusing her sights on his corpus, and for the biggest reason being, there are children involved, and anytime parents don’t set good examples for their little ones, it all comes rushing back.

Whenever I see a door panel having been broken by someone’s fist, my first consideration is that there’s some serious demons within that human’s body, and then wondering how many real people are psychologically afflicted in the long-term by such outbursts of rage. Any parent showing willful disregard for people and property, is near automatically being registered as “Ok” in the formative minds of their children. And we wonder why our world is spinning out of control. We can blame and punish the grown children for what they do, but I think we must also step back and look at the lack of guidance given them by their parents.

Since I’ve worked with a number of teachers over the years, most agree that a child’s home life has a huge impact on development. Once upon a time I was moving in the direction of becoming a teacher, but had to put the brakes on it when seeing how unruly elementary students were in public schools, and likely the first time one of them would’ve directed some filthy language towards me, and then an automatic “jerk-slap” having happened, and subsequently yours truly being out of a job. No thank you. I hold in the highest of esteem, our teachers of today who are out there on the front lines, enduring such behavior on a daily basis. With the way our society is moving, I’m of the belief teachers are the ones who should be commanding high salaries for the responsibilities they have while attempting to do their thankless jobs.

I had to take a quick trip up to Northwood today and deliver an abstract to a title company on a property I sold in Worth County. It was a pleasant drive, and for sure, after all this rain, and now heat, our fields in North Iowa are greening-up quite nicely. What I found very interesting, was how near florescent green the endless rows of corn appeared. I can’t remember ever seeing them look like that. It must’ve been due to their rapid growth these past days which created such wonders. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera with me so to take a few photos which I could share with all of you.

One of my dear ones called today to say she had some deer netting I can use to keep those vile creatures out of my garden. I stopped over at my little garden this morning to check on the tomatoes, and sure enough, they’d been in it again last night. If I get a good crop out of my garden, I’ll be gladly sharing with her. Isn’t it amazing to find such wholesome people living in our midst? As I’ve mentioned for years, if you are able to connect with exceptionally good people, you must do all you can to keep such relationships nurtured, because the “takers” out there, and to be found a dime a dozen.

I’m really on a burn to get as many of my listings sold as possible. There’s one that’ll be coming on which I believe will sell to the right person, only as long as the buyers are still in their “feeding frenzied” states.

Tomorrow I have to run over to 818 N. Pennsylvania and take updated photos because the owner spent the weekend painting the basement. That home is a sleeper, because once inside, it’s amazing how much larger it is than it appears from the street-side. Once again, that would be a perfect home for someone looking to increase the size of their family because it offers more than enough bedrooms and living areas. The big ticket items have been done which includes new thermal windows and siding. The only down-side on it, is the size of the garage which would easily fit a smaller car, but definitely not a “buck” pickup truck.

I do hope these riots around our Country are going to settle down, because if they don’t, our Nation is going to become all the more divided. I fully get the fact that the officers responsible for the death of that man need to be punished to the extent of the law, but I’m still not able to connect the dots when seeing people burning and looting because of it. How does a death of a person give others license for such acts? A great concern I have for such continued un-rest, is the possible rising-up of vigilante groups around our Country, and if that happens, we will be in one “mell of a hess”. Let’s hope and pray this all settles down, and we get back to focusing on containing this China-virus pandemic.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Let our advanced worrying become advanced thinking and planning.

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