Challenging Dogma

It looks like we’re going to be back to normal temperatures for May in the next few days, and glad for it, because having to keep a furnace running during the day at this time of year seems a bit abnormal. At least the sun was shining which when out in it, the cold didn’t seem as biting.

It was a busy Monday, and luckily I managed to get all my phone calls returned, and arrive at my appointments on time. When visiting with a colleague today, we both came to the conclusion that our real estate market is going against what the National trends have been since the China-virus hit, and of the belief we’ll be coming up against a wall real soon, because these sales numbers cannot continue on as they’ve been, because we don’t have the kind of churning that takes place in the metro areas. Here in the Midwest, people stay put longer than they do in other areas of our Country. There’s no question many are thinking these low interest rates are too good to pass up, but if job stability is not secure enough, it would be a self-defeating idea to purchase a home in these times, no matter how low the rates are.

I had to run up to Plymouth this morning and pick up my lockbox and sold sign at a home I was closing the sale on this afternoon, and while on my way up, I got a good look at all the recently planted fields of corn. Thank goodness most of it hasn’t come up yet because of the continued chances of over-night frost. I will say we are going to be needing some good Spring showers very soon, because I can see our soils already starting to dry. In spite of it being un-seasonably cold for this time of year, I can’t help thinking we’re going to have a hotter than normal summer.

My first appointment outside my office was at a home belonging to a couple who’re just now getting ready to start work on preparing it for sale, and the reason they wanted me there, was to tell them what the most important things in need of attention before they list it. Thank goodness they agreed to follow thru on my suggestions so they’ll likely see it sold more sooner than later once it hits the market.

I no more than got back to my office, when another couple called and asked if I had time to go out and take a peek at their home because they were thinking about moving into a retirement community. Fortunately I had time to get a little market research done on it before heading out. When I arrived, they gave me the full tour, and when we sat down, I proceeded to go over our recent comparable sales. I was glad to find them receptive of the price point I’d come up with, so if they do decide to move forward with their plans, we won’t have to deal with the arguing over a listing price.

Since I’ve known the family for a very many years, we played catch-up on recent happenings in our lives, and somehow we ended up on the subject of religion. We shared our thoughts and concerns over the way in which our area churches are dealing with this pandemic, and unfortunately, some of the alternative measures they’re taking, are counter-productive and likely going to drive all the many more away from their congregations, once their doors are re-opened for Services. It seems many of the “powers that be” in our communities of faith, think these weak YouTube and Facebook performances will keep everyone in their fold, but unfortunately, when in the eye of a camera, things aren’t always perceived by the general public as expected. We must all remember, there aren’t that many who can make the cut when auditioning for say a movie or serial, and the reason being, very few are able to stand in front of a camera and convince those watching, they’re talking directly to you. Believe me, it’s an art. It’s unfortunate they don’t have real directors guiding them on how to perform in front of a camera.

My closing this afternoon went as well as expected, considering all the many safeguards our banks have in place, just so to limit human contact during these times, and luckily the buyer was OK with their protocol, which was all that mattered to me. While seated there and waiting for the signing to be over with, I couldn’t help noticing some of their employees wandering around, and dressed overly-casual. I swear one of the older gals had on a pair of moccasins, and another young man standing at a counter wearing a long-sleeved t-shirt. I was so much in shock, I had to take another look just to be sure.

While driving away, I couldn’t help wondering how many of our City’s sloppily-dressed office workers are going to have real problems dressing appropriately for work once this pandemic is over. I guess the old saying, “If you’re going to be a professional, you must also dress as one.”, is going to be a thing of the past, which as far as I’m concerned, is going to create diminished productivity within our work force. Oh how I wish dress codes would be back in force with some of these companies, because the way some of them dress, borders on embarrassing for me.

I had to make a quick trip to another bank to deposit the seller’s proceeds, and when I pulled up, I noticed the teller window shade was already pulled down. I looked at my phone, and found it one minute before closing time. Once again, these workers in our City seem to want to jump the gun before their work hours are truly over. That snippy teller was un-necessarily arguing with me thru her screen, to where I finally asked to speak to a particular personal banker. When she arrived, I proceeded to tell her what I needed, and thank goodness she took the deposit. I really get tired of dealing with some of these sassy people who seem to enjoy invoking their overly-strict rules. You can bet it wasn’t that way when I worked in a big bank a very many years ago, because that’s when we did everything we could, to keep our customers happy. Not so in these times.

Tonight’s one-liner is: I wasn’t a fighting kid, or a causing trouble kid, but rather just one of those cheeky, crazy kids running around challenging dogma.

Joe Chodur

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