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I was up, at it, and off to my office a little earlier this morning due to an 8:00 am appointment I had with a seller, and just soon enough to get my Sunday Morning Prayer time taken care of without having to rush it. As each day passes, I’m growing all the more comfortable with the return of my spiritual regimen which is something I’d done for a considerable amount of time a number of years ago, and as such things oft times happen, we find ourselves having turned away from good habits, simply because of the constraints of temporal duties we place upon ourselves.

As it is with most in today’s secular world, dirty habits become the hardest to break, yet the good ones being all the more difficult to keep, which is why we must set aside time with ourselves on occasion, and perform our little self-analysis sessions. Believe it or not, I’ve found myself at times, and without notice, falling into ruts filled with dark thoughts, and not so kindly words. Any time someone says another made us do something because of their actions, I just want to laugh, because we are filled with freewill which is the trigger we pull, and not anyone else pulling it.

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a “problem child” or a “troubled soul” in our circle of friends or blood-line families, and what I will never understand, is that most simply dismiss them being as such, without challenging their ways. As far as I’m concerned, it’s sinful not to at least speak one’s soulful peace at but once with them, because if we don’t, they will continue believing we having given them license to say and do whatever they want to others. I’m convinced that our society has become all the more apathetic, and mostly due to just trying to keep their own heads above water.

I had a good meeting with my sellers this morning, and actually had time for a good visit about this and that. Without a doubt, they’re honest to goodness, and definitely real-life workers who’re keen on keeping grass from growing underfoot. What impresses me the most, is that they’re always trying their hand at learning how to do new things which require research, dexterity, and perseverance. Curious minds are the ones always sharp and ready to veer off on untraveled paths of discovery. I wish I could clone such people and re-populate all our many stagnated communities with them.

Since my mother’s passing, Mother’s Day has turned into just another Sunday, which makes me terribly sad, but that’s all part of everyone’s life-transitioning. At least I’m still holding fast to the many fond memories I have of her whenever celebrating Mother’s Day. I still smile to myself when remembering some of the times we were in restaurants, and if the waiters or waitresses were running behind, or the food wasn’t up to par, that voice of hers would be a-carrying, and oft times her words would remind me of an old sitcom where there’d be an outspoken Jewish grandmother scolding someone. The funniest thing about how she acted, and never having realized until after her death, how much I can be similarly loud and demanding. As I said earlier today, the apple doesn’t fall very far from its tree.

After getting my real estate work finished up, I changed my clothes and went to work on various indoor projects. Over the years, I un-knowingly saved far too much stuff which I thought too good to throw away. Well, just these past months, I’ve been working on getting rid of such things I know I’ll never need or use, and most of it being out-dated or not worth fixing. What I know isn’t worth gifting, has been getting boxed up and hauled to the landfill, and what’s useable, I’ve boxed up for those who’re willing to take and use.

I did take a short lunch break, and then headed over to my other tedious project, and worked there for another three hours. I’m thinking I must have a built-in alarm clock, because whenever I’m feeling a little pooped, I look at my watch, and wouldn’t you know it, around three hours had passed. I am happy I forced myself to get back at it today, when once again reminded, there’s all the more finished.

When out with buyers yesterday, I couldn’t keep myself from pulling European Buckthorn seedlings out of a flower bed. The buyer laughed while asking, “Do you rent out?”. I couldn’t help admitting that when out weeding, I’m sort of like a farmer’s favorite workhorse who once harnessed up and blinders on, would happily work from early morning till sundown. I also mentioned there being times when I’d have make myself quit when knowing fully well, I’d be paying for it the following day or two.

I couldn’t help noticing all the magnolia tree blossoms that’d frozen off from the frost we had several nights ago. Some of them were just coming into bloom, and now they look a sad sight. The chokecherry trees look good, as well as the apples, and likely because they’d not budded as much as the magnolias.

Again today, I noticed a very many hostas having been chewed to the ground by those vile deer we having running around in our City. I had a wishful thought that our City and State would open up deer season again for those who’re not getting the meat they want. I’m actually surprised someone hasn’t yet mentioned such in passing.

I also noticed a roadkill raccoon on the highway, and every time I see one, I can’t help thinking about the “Coon Chile” someone so cleverly served at a community potluck, and not telling anyone what type of meat was used. I’ve never eaten coon in my life, and hopefully never will, because I remember one time when I was young and visiting an aunt and uncle, suddenly getting a whiff of a coon being baked in their oven. No thank you! I know for some, the mentality of “meat is meat” is how it is, but for me, I still draw the line on what animal I’ll be deciding to place upon my plate.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Work is the meat of life, and pleasure its dessert.

Joe Chodur

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