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Alas it’s warming up again, and none too soon, because these cold nights and chilly mornings are quickly growing old. Much to my surprise, I just happened to see an article in the online news regarding the long-term forecast for our summer, and not surprised when reading that most of our continental United States, is to experience above average temperatures. It appeared certain areas will be hit the hardest, and fortunately our State not being one of them. From what was shown, it looks like the Northeast and Northwest sections will be getting the worst of it. The only thing we must worry about, are the house-rattling thunderstorms that come with sultry days.

On the positive side, it’s been said that hot and humid temperatures stunt the spread of the China-virus, and if that be the case, then let’s encourage Mother Nature to bring them on. If we do continue to get the rain with such heat, you can bet the corn and beans will be loving it, as well as all those nasty weeds. Oh well, if all the many new gardeners in our midst just happen to fall in love with gardening, then they’ll be getting some noticeable “farmer” tans out of it, and as most know, our bodies are able to manufacture our much-needed Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight.

Most don’t realize how important it is to keep one’s Vitamin D levels up because it is said that at least 40% of our population is Vitamin D deficient, and if you investigate the consequences of such lowered levels, I’d say it best to spend 15 minutes in the mid-day sun, three days out of the week, while being seated in a sunny spot, just so to allow the sun to trigger your body’s natural manufacture of that vitamin. Only 15 minutes is the suggested time needed for the fair-skinned, but I think it best to do a little more research in order to find out how many minutes are needed for other shades of skin.

It was a busy day at my office, and glad for it because the first quarter of this year was quite un-remarkable, but it stands to reason considering the sweeping changes that’ve taken place since our pandemic arrived. Each day, there seems to be yet one more sad article being published by a news service about a near-death experience a young and healthy person during his fight for life after being hospitalized with the coronavirus.

Today’s story was not only sad, but also frightening, because that young, healthy, and exceptionally fit healthcare worker who nearly died, will likely go on to write a book about the experiences he had while in hospital. It never occurred to me that there’d be employees in hospitals who’d refuse to follow thru with the attention and care patients needed during such personal crisis’. I’m sure any young people having read that article, who’re into body-building, and think they’re immune to such life-threatening events, will soon be brought up to speed about its severity. Very scary.

I had six homes to show in the $80K – $100K price range today, and after walking out of the last one, I’d say there’s going to be a real shortage these coming months should there be few if any new listings to replace those that’ve gone under contract. Out of the six, I’d say there’s only one of them that was even remotely to their liking, and it wouldn’t surprise me if it’ll be sold soon. I’m not exactly sure what it is that’s prompting so many people to be buying in these times, but whatever it is, it’s very much a driving force.

Last evening a seller called me and asked if I’d be interested in selling his home, and since I know it well, I couldn’t have said “Yes” fast enough. It’s in a very good neighborhood, and if priced right, it’ll likely sell to a first-time buyer who’s looking to get out of renting. I actually sold it to a young man a number of years ago as his first home, and the only reason he later sold it, was because he ended up marrying a woman who already had children, and therefore, in need of a much larger home. Hopefully I’ll have it listed before the week is out, and possibly sold before the end of this month.

A call came in this afternoon from a gentleman asking if I had time to go out and take a look at a home he’s preparing to sell, and since I had some free time that hour, I agreed to meet with him. When I pulled up, I was shocked to find it being right next door to a home I sold about ten years ago, and unfortunately, the people who purchased it, aren’t taking as good care of it as I would’ve expected. Having an unkempt house right next door to one I’m trying to sell, always makes for a more difficult sale.

Having never been in the home I arrived at, I was given the grand tour, and delightfully surprised at how beautiful its woodwork was. The owner didn’t seem very impressed by my comments, but I guess that’s what happens when there’s been exceptionally long-term ownership. I just about had a jaw-drop when he mentioned that it’s been in his family for over 80 years. Now that’s a very many years for one family to own a home in the mobile times in which we live, yet while driving away, I couldn’t help thinking how 80 years of family ownership is a long time in our Country, but in old Europe, it would be considered a recent purchase and new neighbor.

There’s no doubt it would be a case study for one who’s into the energies certain sites and structures contain, and certainly not surprise me if it had some sort of benevolent force floating around within. After these many years of selling homesites in North Iowa, I’m of the belief that a family’s essence remains long after those properties have sold, because I’ve heard some pretty touching stories about un-natural happenings, while unfortunately, others that’ve created some hair-raising events in the nighttime. I think the home I was in today is going to be OK, because I didn’t have any bad “feelings” while there. Hopefully it’ll be another new listing for Holtz Realty in the coming weeks.

Tonight’s one-liner is: All credibility, all good conscience, and all evidence of truth, come only from our senses.

Joe Chodur

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