A Gracious Welcome

There wasn’t much going this morning other than having received a text before 8:00 am from another agent wanting to show one of my listing later this morning. Every time I get texts either very late in the evening or early the next morning from another Realtor wanting to show an occupied listing, I bristle a bit because I oft times think they’d either forgotten about calling to set it up, or waited too long before making their calls. I know from experience that occupant sellers don’t like having to rush to get their homes prepared for showings the day of, but fortunately my seller was good enough in allowing her home to be shown on such a short notice.

Most of my morning was spent back at my little/big project for several hours until it was time to call it quits and grab an early lunch. At first I thought of picking up something at a convenience store, but then remembered my having enough in the fridge at my office to sustain me, so back I drove for a light salad with several hard boiled eggs and a few rye crackers.

Before heading over to Prairie Place on 1st, I made sure to have enough hand-outs printed just in case there’d be more in attendance than I’d expected. Having been delayed by a phone call, I made it over there just in time to get the doors unlocked and lights on, but as chance would have it, one of the unit owners had already let someone in early.

Today’s turn-out was the type I like where I have more quality time to spend with an arrival. It was almost like clockwork with there being a couple leaving, and several minutes later, another arriving. I would say it was a successful afternoon because there are now two separate buyers showing a great interest in several of the units, and I won’t be surprised if we have another one sold this week. What a great way to start off the month of December.

During a pause between showings, one of the residents asked me what the greatest hurdle has been with people looking at the units. I paused a moment and said, “It’s not the buyers themselves, but rather their children who seem to find obscure reasons for not wanting their parent or parents to purchase one.” She was in full agreement because she’d also noticed at times how some children are afraid their parents are carelessly spending their so-called “legacies”. What a joke!

I’ve seen enough times where after the last parent dies, one or two of their children who’ve cared little about their parents’ day-to-day wants and needs, come swooping in after death with their hands held out and screaming, “Check please!”. For me, I believe that’s the clearest example how little they truly cared about their parents while they were alive. I know all the many descendants who’ve likely been rolling over in their graves when seeing after death the true character of their beneficiaries. Greed, hatreds and jealousies suddenly loom their ugly heads after the death of one’s last parent, and I’ve told all the many, “If you believe there’ll not be issues after your last parent dies, you’re living in a dream world, because if there are even the slightest of hidden issues between beneficiaries, you can be sure they’ll manifest themselves in a very big way.”

Since I didn’t finished everything I wanted done on today’s project, I went back to my office, changed my clothes, and got back at it. It only took me another hour and half to get it finished, so at the end of the day, I was happy over what I managed to get completed.

I didn’t feel like extending a gracious welcome to the 1st of December when seeing how gray and slushy it was outdoors. I’m beginning to wonder when we’re going to have another sun-filled day. The only pleasant thoughts I have about winter is when the sun is bright, the temps are hovering around freezing, and no wind.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Say not you know others entirely till you’ve divided an inheritance with them.

Joe Chodur

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