A Primitive Beauty

Since I had no morning appointments, I busied myself with all those little “clean-up” projects that were hanging fire until I had time to get them finished, and that I did. It couldn’t have been a better day to be trapped indoors considering how nasty it was outside nearly the entire day. Alas my un-favorite month of November is finally over and glad of it. When looking back over these past thirty days, I’d say it was perhaps one of the more gray and cold ones we’v had when comparing it to other years. Like someone said earlier this week, “We really didn’t have Fall weather this year.”, and I couldn’t have agreed more.

I’m hoping it won’t be raining like it was today during the time of tomorrow’s public open house over at Prairie Place on 1st, because if it is, I doubt there’ll be many in attendance. Now that we have only three remaining units offering two bedrooms and two baths, I’d say we’re finally heading down the home stretch of getting them all sold.

I’m very thankful Good Shepherd decided to hire me to market them because it’s given me an even better understanding of what the core needs of our elderly really are. Without a doubt, I believe the greatest benefit of living in a community like Prairie Place, is that you can be as social and inter-active with the others residents as you want, or spend needed time alone in your unit, and since there’s no mealtimes or other restrictions, the residents can come and go as they wish, and take their meals at whatever times they prefer. Now that we’re finding all the restaurants and grocery stores offering deliveries to doors, when any residents don’t feel like cooking on particular days, they can order something to be dropped off. What they all really like, is the heated underground parking which is a blessing when our weather is nasty and cold. Any way you look at it, Prairie Place on 1st is the place to be when entering one’s “golden years”.

Early this afternoon I had to make a quick trip out of town, and found out in a hurry how nasty the weather really was when driving down about a mile of loose gravel. I really had to slow down because of my vehicle wanting to slip and slide on that snow-cone slush that hadn’t been plowed. I know too well how easily a person can get pulled into the ditch when driving too fast on that nasty stuff. At least I made it there and back, and that’s all that mattered. I took my camera along in hopes I’d see something worth sharing with all of you, but all that was out there were many shades of wet gray. No thank you.

A customer I’d worked with in the past, called when I returned to my office asking if I’d be willing to show her homes this coming week. Evidently the little “to do” financial clean-ups she talked about months ago, must’ve been taken care of because she’s now ready to buy. She’s got an appointment with a lender early next week to get an idea of how much a full monthly payment would be on a given price range of homes. It’ll be great working with her again because it’s been a very many years since I sold her and husband a home. Don’t you wonder sometimes where all the years have gone?

Since knowing I have something to get accomplished early tomorrow morning, I decided to take in a church service late this afternoon, and while walking towards the church, I ran into a gentleman I haven’t seen in many months, so we had a good chat before and after their Services.

I’m sorry to say today’s Service was quite unremarkable in just about every way except for the Scripture readings. I’m beginning to wonder if my religious expectations have risen too high, or if it’s poor planning on the part of the clergy and music departments. In the old days, most rank and file churches would center their Services around the Scripture readings, but it looks like in these times, anything goes.

In spite of how many people were there, I’d say no more than 15 percent were singing along to their quirky music that was filled with copious amounts of syncopation. I think the pianist was enjoying her time to be a show-off, but unfortunately very few were paying much if any attention. While walking out I mentioned to the gentleman I was visiting with how odd today’s music was and his reply being, “Yeah, it gets pretty annoying at times.” What I thought to be the most curious, was the fact they weren’t playing any standard Advent songs when knowing this is our first week of Advent. Oh well, they must’ve thought differently when planning for today’s Service.

I finally finished cleaning the wooden trunk I’ve been speaking about, and you can be sure it turned out far better than I’d expected considering how filthy it was when it arrived at my office. Your “janitor in a drum” cleaned it with a vengeance both inside and out because I didn’t want even a trace of its original odor polluting my office.

With Christmas on its way, I decided to carry it up to the front of my office and place a Christmas decoration on its lid. I took the above photo, just so you could get a better idea of what I’ve been talking about. There’s no question I have a great respect for whomever built it because it managed to make to these times after having endured all the many decades of abuse and possibly various owners.

I went online to get an idea of its age, and when looking at several of them which shared similar features, I’ve come to the conclusion that it pre-dates 1880 which would make it 150 – 200 or more years old. Isn’t it a primitive beauty?

Tonight’s one-liner is: You don’t stumble upon your heritage because it’s there, just waiting to be explored and shared.

Joe Chodur

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