The Craziness Continues

I guess Mother Nature must’ve read my comments last night regarding the weather when seeing the sun starting to rise this morning. Unfortunately, it was still exceptionally cold and windy, but I still appreciated seeing it shining the entire day. Hooray for our first sunny December day!

There were several in-and-out appointments early this morning, and then errands to run before I had to be back for the most important one, and that being my meeting with a buyer to make an offer on one of the Prairie Place on 1st units.

When the buyer and her advisor arrived, we sat down and went over all the documents relating to the ownership of those units. They were both fine with the information given, so I proceeded with filling out the purchase agreement and getting signatures where needed. After everything was signed, the buyer seemed relieved over it all which made me all the happier because it’s been a rocking-horse of a decision making process.

Since we didn’t finish up until just after Noon arrived, I called the seller and made an appointment to get my offer presented. Around 2:00 pm, we met at his office where I proceeded with presenting it. After a little deliberation, I was delighted to hear the offer was acceptable, so I had him sign all the documents to where it became official. We now have only four units remaining to be sold, and two of them being one bedroom units. When I got back to my office I called the buyer with the good news, so now that’s all we have to do is wait until the title work is completed and get closed it out.

My surprise visitor at yesterday’s open house stopped by later this afternoon to talk about the unit she looked at, along with asking about the five year tax abatement that’s a big bonus for new buyers. I told her today that I could actually “see” her living in that unit, and since we’ve known each other for a very many years, she knew I wasn’t “working” her. There’s no question she’d be another great asset to that delightful community.

While walking out, I couldn’t resist showing her my new conversation piece at the front. I particularly informed and then showed her all the hand-worked details, and when she saw its lock-plate having been forged in the shape of a heart, she was salivating all the more. The both of us have similar tastes when it comes to unique old things that were hand-made.

One of my colleagues called today to talk about some of the crazy happenings that took place over his long Thanksgiving weekend, and for sure they were crazy, but when asked about my recent days, I think he was nearly speechless when reading to him an email I was sent on of all days, Thanksgiving morning. We both agreed that in these times, there are those who’re becoming all the more bizarre. He asked what I was going to do with it and I responded, “Just in case, it’s in a very safe place.” The craziness of our world continues in spite of my saying for a number of years, “I stopped saying I’ve seen it all, because whenever I do, there’s something all the more jaw-dropping that happens.”

While waiting for my appointment to arrive, I checked out BBC News to see if there was something worth reading, and just happened to find a great video about handiwork. Being so moved by it, I replayed it just so it would stick with me all the more. It talked about how many in our younger crowd are starting to get back to making things by hand, and today’s video was about making clothing. The words coming out of that woman’s mouth were similar to what I’ve been saying all along regarding the getting back to basics and ridding ourselves of all the mental “static” we’re being bombarded with by our social medias. If you’re interested in watching it, it’s called, “The Ancient Skill that Won’t Die.” Very thought-provoking as well as being an inspiration for all.

My late afternoon appointment took me over to a home I’ll be listing in possibly a week. The sellers asked if I would stop by and have a look only to see if there were any other to-do’s I thought needing attention before we list it. By and large, it looked good, with the exception of a few more details in need of attention. I’m not much concerned with it selling because of the number of big ticket improvements that were recently made. It’ll be priced right, and definitely in the rage we have our biggest shortage of homes for sale.

Considering how busy I was today, I’d say it turned out to be a productive first of the month, and with today’s sale of another unit over at Prairie Place on 1st, there’s still a possibility I could have those remaining under contract before the 1st of the year. The above photo is one of the aerials I had taken of my favorite senior housing complex. Let’s get the word out that all the fewer units are remaining.

Tonight’s one-liner is: Conflict cannot survive without your participation.

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