Epidemic of Un-kindness

It was a noticeably different Black Friday from those of years past because of how few people there were out and about today, and after having stopped at Walmart earlier,  I couldn’t believe how their parking lot was no more filled than on a normal day.  What gives?  Well, I think what we’re seeing, is the end-product of on-line shopping.  You’ve certainly not forgotten about me having shared my concern over Amazon being the lead-goat in causing our brick and mortar stores to close-up shop.  After today, I’d say my prophesy is well on its way to becoming fulfilled.  But, we have ourselves to blame for chasing after the best deals on things we really never needed in the first place.  Have we now been “trained” to believe it’s better to pay less so we can buy all the more?”

While being out on several appointments today, I was beginning to wonder if I was coming down with something because of how chilled I’d become to where I actually called one of my colleagues and asked if she was feeling similarly chilled.  Thank goodness she agreed that it must’ve been the high humidity which I’d suspected being the culprit.

I had several people call and ask how that small, yet very expensive free range turkey I purchased turned out.  Well, I had to say it was even better than I’d expected to where I’ll likely buy another one when appropriate.  I have to thank myself for owning a large granite roaster with its lid which I picked up at a sale some years ago.  The reason I bought it at the time, was because I remembered my mother having a similar one during the years we lived on the big farm.

For us, the grand dinner which no one was allowed to miss, was Sunday dinner which was an all-out of various foods being served.  Nearly every Sunday that big granite roaster would be in the oven baking either beef, lamb, several chickens, a pork roast, or a turkey, and I can even remember when there was a goat in the oven!  Whenever the turkeys were too big for the lid to fit, she’d place a tent of tinfoil over the top of Tom.  Yes, those were quite the Sunday feasts which were created to bring us all around the same table so to share opinions and anecdotes, so if you consider me to be a bit anecdotal at times, I came by it honestly.

With the 1st of December barreling down on us, I busied myself with getting some monthly bills paid before next week arrives.  While at First Citizen’s drive-up, I couldn’t help but comment on their new bill dispenser which they key in an amount and out spits a handful of paper currency.  The young teller whom I do like to tease, was waiting on me, so I stuck my head out my car window and asked, “How do you like your new “Dial for Dough” machine?” I just happened to catch him off-guard because he asked me to repeat what I said.  Oh how funny!  I then asked, “What happens when you’ve dialed the wrong amount?”  He then gave me his blushing smirk by saying, “I guess I get the wrong amount.”  Yes, no matter how much we rely on machines, it’s always good to double check for accuracy.

I had about an hour of free time to get back at cleaning my exceptionally old wooden trunk.  Before I started cleaning the inside of it, I vacuumed the bottom and all the corners because of how much dirt and dust was within.  I then mixed up a pail of Murphy’s Oil Soap and a little bleach and went back at it.  After having to change the water twice, I finally got it looking better than I’d expected.  All I now have left to clean is the under-side which won’t take long.

Every time I’ve been working at cleaning it, I marvel at the amount of hand-tooling that was done to create it.  Even its hand-forged hinges and rivets amaze me, and you can bet I’ve rarely seen square spikes of such size being used in the construction of a trunk.  Wouldn’t it be grand if we could step back in time long enough to watch one of those master carpenters at work?  I mentioned to someone today that if a person would be good enough, the creation of all hand-made items would sell very well if they were marketed properly.  In our age of there being millions of the same thing dropping out of factory conveyors on a daily basis, I think there’d be enough people willing to pay more for something uniquely original. Where have the masters gone?

After reading something today, I couldn’t help thinking about how our country is suffering from an epidemic of un-kindness, and we can thank the internet for it.  The hiding behind computer screens and smart phones, give license to those who feel they have a right to rant about situations which were of their own doing.  Such acts create all the more political silos, ethnic violence, and rampant selfishness to where I’m of the belief our social medias are turning into cesspools of social isolationism.  And if you ever expect an apology from someone who’d sent a cup-full of undeserved smut your way, don’t bother waiting, because authors of such tripe have convinced themselves from an early age, they’re always right.

It’s no wonder the few kind-hearts remaining, are simply turning and walking away from such pestiferous pools, and in these times I shall continue to say, “Good for them.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world, for indeed, that’s all who ever have.

Joe Chodur

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