Selfless Paths

My day started a bit earlier when having to get my open house tent signs out before the sun came up, and since I wanted them placed on busy streets, I believed it best to get them out before the morning traffic started.

I had to run out of town to meet a client at a property to do a quick last walk-thru before he decides to make an ofter on it. Since there was a heavy cloud cover that early, the home didn’t look as good to him as it did the last time we were there. I couldn’t help saying how in these dark days when there’s no sun, just about everything looks gloomy.
I was quick to mention how in spite it needing a great deal of updating, it still had very good bones which is worth more than some of these lipsticked pigs I’ve been seeing sold. I also mentioned how just recently a home was listed that I was familiar with when it sold about 6 years ago for about 70K less than what they’re now asking, and what photos I viewed online, compared to what I remember, the only things the current owners have done was possibly spending at the most, no more than 20K to get it looking the way it does. Now that’ll be a pretty fat profit for cleaning, painting, and cosmetic work if it sells close to their asking price. I’m hoping he’ll call me next week saying he’s ready to make an offer on it.

My mid-morning appointment took me to a home that an owner wanted me to look at and give her some pointers on what needed to be done before it’s listed. I did a full inspection of her home before making any suggestions. Like most sellers, she was thinking it best to wait until Spring arrived before listing it. I reminded her that homes in the price range of hers need to get listed right after the new year.

As always, I asked her what her plans were, and to my surprise, she’s intending on making a huge life change by entering a far away religious community. She explained her reasons of which I considered quite noble. I wished her the absolute best while traveling on her spiritual journey.

It’s very refreshing to find younger people shedding their safe jobs and comfy lifestyles so to follow selfless paths in giving of their time, treasures, and talents. When you think about it, there’s far too much emphasis placed on making money and accumulation of “stuff” which is rather meaningless when it comes time to give up one’s ghost.

My public open house at 1 Briarstone Court went exceptionally well today when seeing all the more people coming and going. I believe there were several who were showing more than casual interest. There happened to be one young couple in attendance who were very pleased with the size of the kitchen and adjoining dining room, which prompted me to say, “You’ll not find a better built and cleaner home in its price range.” We’ll see what next week brings.

After my open house was finished, I went over to a clients new home to have a document signed. If you’d ever be looking for a person who can re-position a floor plan and make it look like it was original to a home, he’s the one that can do it. He showed me a computerized drawing of what the kitchen will look like, and after giving it a good look, I couldn’t find one thing I would’ve done differently. I wish there were all the more ambitious young people in our midst who’re willing to take the time to do such quality work. That’s another home in our City that has exceptionally good bones.

I’ll have a few little office chores to attend to in the morning before heading over to St. Paul Lutheran to play for their Service. I’m not expecting to be faultless on their organ bench, but I must say I’m about as prepared as I’ll ever be. I chide myself at times when thinking how in the past I was familiar with just about all Christian hymns, but after I started playing for them, I discovered how terribly wrong I was.

I haven’t looked to see what tomorrow’s weather is going to be like, but I’m hoping the afternoon is going to be pleasant because I’ve got some serious work to get done before it turns all the colder. Now that most of the leaves are off the trees, there’s some serious raking I’ve got to get done. Let’s all hope it’s going to be a marvelous day for being outdoors. Oh, and don’t forget to set your clocks back because tomorrow is the end of daylight savings. You can bet I really do dislike seeing it getting dark an hour earlier.

Tonight’s one-liner is: When people are economically or socially dislocated, they’re always more vulnerable to being socially radicalized.

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