Wet and Soggy

We’ve returned to the darkness once again with the turning back of our clocks. As I mentioned earlier, I wish they would make that hour ahead permanent so we wouldn’t have such long winter nights. While thinking about it today, I believe I’m just going to work all the harder at keeping myself busy after sundown so they won’t “feel” like such long nights. Of course many plop themselves in front of their televisions at night, but I can’t take that much TV watching because for some reason, it starts wearing on my nerves. For the life of me, I’ll never understand why people leave their TV’s on in their bedrooms all night. I can’t imagine how their brains can function the way they’re supposed to while asleep when having that light and noise bombarding them.

I did get a few letters out early this morning which were waiting to be answered, and by the time I finished up on them, it was time for me to drive over to St. Paul Lutheran and get some practicing done before their Service started.

After running thru all of them and then placing the sheet music in the order of which they were to be played, I took a few moments and visited with one of their long-time members. It sounds like they’re moving all the closer to merging both St. Paul and Our Savior’s into one congregation. For sure it’ll be a stressful transition for them because I’m personally familiar with the merging of two other congregations. There are always those who resist change, and sometimes they’ll dig their heels in so deep that they end up dropping their memberships.

The last one that I was involved in which didn’t go over very well, was in my belief the fault of the hierarchy because they “thought” they were doing what was best for all, but as it most times happens, they really didn’t get enough feed-back from their rank and file members. There were some departments that were completely dissolved in one of those congregations, and then filled with over-lording decision-makers from the other one. To this day there are hard feelings by a number of them who’re now still members but in a very weak sense, and unfortunately, that combined church is now struggling with making their financial ends meet because a number of them either left, or greatly lessened their yearly offerings. You can be sure those who made such glaringly wrong decisions, would never admit to it because of their foolish ecclesiastical pride.

One of my old clients called today and asked if I wanted to go for lunch because he’s here visiting his aging parents for a week. Since I did have time, we met at one of our local restaurants.

He was certain I was going to say something about him looking older, but in actuality, he looked pretty much the same as when I last saw him which was about five years ago. Of course he did have to mention how much more gray my hair is, but I just laughed it off by saying, “Do ya think?” He must’ve thought me unhappy about growing gray when saying, “You know they do have some pretty good hair coloring products for men on today’s market.” You can be sure my response was an absolute “Not!” I couldn’t help recalling some of the older men I know who dye their hair such striking colors to where they look comical. I’m sure many of you have seen similar sights. I can imagine what people would think of me if I started dying my hair its original color before I started graying which was a deep auburn. For sure, it wouldn’t be very becoming of my age.

He was asking many questions about the state of our City, and some of my answers didn’t set very well with him. I believe what troubled him the most was when I said, “There’s no doubt the demographics of Mason City is changing to where there seem to be a much larger group who’re either on some sort of Government assistance, or they’re struggling on a monthly basis just to make ends meet. Because he continued to question my statements, I started giving him one hard-fact example after another until he finally shook his head saying, “Yes, I think you all have a few more problems than there were back when I lived here.” I also reminded him that I’m not a cynic, but rather a realist who calls a spade a spade, and I do believe that’s why some don’t ask my opinion about where our City is moving because they do not want to hear the real truth.

In spite of the light rain, I did manage to get pretty much all of the wet and soggy yard work done that I’d planned on doing today. I’m thinking one more mowing with do the trick for our growing season. Those vile squirrels have been busy with their digging holes in flowerbeds and lawns. For the life of me I have no idea where they’re coming from. We even have all the more of them running around in the Downtown which means they must be holding up in the attics of some of our buildings because we don’t have that many big old trees for them to make nesting holes. Let’s hope Mother Nature will be kind this coming week and send some warming rays of sun our way.

Tonight’s one-liner is: It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.

Joe Chodur

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