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It was certainly quite the whirlwind day with scheduled appointments and closings, but I’m not complaining because I was terribly worried that one particular “online bank” wasn’t going to get a loan file to the closing table, but fortunately they pulled a rabbit out of their hat to where we were able to get it closed late this afternoon.

The buyers were exceptionally stressed out over it because they had to be moved out of their apartment by the end of today, and all I could think of was the worse case scenario where they’d have to put their possessions in storage until we could get them into their new home. Thank goodness it did happen at the last hour of business.

Both the buyers and myself were sharing our frustrations with this nonsense of online lending, and for sure they’ll not be taking that route again should they decide to sell and purchase another home in the future. I’m not so sure our brick and mortar banks are going to be going out of style anytime soon when homebuyers like today’s start sharing their horror stories.

I had to take an hour out of my day to go over to St. Paul Lutheran and do some practicing for this coming Sunday’s Service. After being so stressed out with that closing these past days, I think it ended up being a helpful distraction. There’s something very metaphysically soothing about being over there when most of the lights are off and no people near.

I had to walk back to their office to get some additional music and while there, I had a nice little chat with their secretary about Divine Intervention and gratefulness. We both came to the conclusion that Divine Interventions happen far more often than we realize, and most times because we’re too busy to slow down and notice them. I got on my soapbox and shared my belief that thankfulness is distinctly different than gratefulness. Before walking out, I said to her, “It’s good to know that there are others who share similar beliefs which keeps us from thinking we’re alone in our convictions.” We must always remember that people who need people, do live more fulfilling lives.

Of the two closings I had today, one of the sellers did a great job in making sure everything was clean and presentable, while the other more expensive home showed signs of simply pulling everything out of drawers and cabinets without even taking the time to wipe them out. I mentioned to the lender how unfortunate it is that some sellers have such disregard for those who pay good money for their homes and then walk away from them in such states. If I were one of those sellers, I’d be terribly embarrassed by having my home left in such a condition.

After returning to my office and looking at the new listings that were posted today, I almost fell off my chair when seeing a client/customer having listed his property with an agent from another office. I internally bristled when seeing it because of all the time I spent showing him homes these past several years. Of course there was also a good deal of time freely given when advising him on what improvements would be best made to give him the highest returns when selling.

It made me internally laugh when earlier today another agent mentioned how buyers and sellers are becoming all the more dis-loyal. I’ll certainly find out sooner or later what it was that I did or didn’t do which caused him to list his home with another, but I do have a “feeling” his new girlfriend had something to do with it because I’ve found over the years that when someone new enters the picture of relationship, they’re not wanting do business with the person their partner used before they got together. It’s an interesting concept, but I have noticed it happens more often than not. It makes me wonder if it’s some sort of jealous control thing by wanting to sever all ties from their mate’s previous life. In spite of his rejection, I’ll continue to wish him well.

Please don’t forget about my public open house at 1 Briarstone Court tomorrow which I’ll have open from 1:00 – 3:00 PM. I’m still convinced it’ll end up selling to an older couple who’re coming in from either the farm or one of our surrounding towns. It seems all the many of our elderly end up on the west side of our City more so than the east which may possibly be due to the shopping out there, and most of all, the hospital and clinics that are also on that side. Another reason I believe it will go to retirees, is that it offers a main floor laundry room, and a basement that offers a private area for visiting guests. Wish me well tomorrow because my seller is getting exceptionally anxious over getting it sold before winter arrives.

Tonight’s one liner is: “Silent gratitude isn’t very much to anyone, but…”

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