The Kool-Aid

This morning was an early out of the gates for me due to having a 7:15 am appointment at the office. An out-of-State buyer was leaving today on a flight from Minneapolis, and in order to get an offer in on a property, we had to make it as early as possible so he wouldn’t be rushing to get there.

After the docs were signed, we had a nice little chat about how all the more people who’re moving towards retirement, are finally realizing that owning a big home, paying high real estate taxes, and saddled with endless upkeep, is nothing more than a heavy yoke that’s not worth carrying around anymore.  For many it’s sort of like a fad, to where they finally say, “Been there, done that, and now we’re ready to move on.”

After he left, I scanned and emailed his offer to the sellers and then put a call into them.  It sounded like they’re going to take the offer, but they wanted wait for a family member’s opinion.  They’ll likely call either tonight, or first thing in the morning. After hearing what that buyer’s plans are for the home, I’m all the more convinced it being the best fit for both him and the property.  It always gives me a warm feeling when able to get a good match-up on a sale.

The remainder of my morning was spent returning phone calls and taking some time to give the wooden floors in my office a good scrubbing.  The “cat tracks” from this melt-off were getting pretty noticeable.  Every time I scrub them I can’t help but think about how exceptionally dirty commercial carpets get during the winter.  Believe me, a deep vacuuming does not get rid of grimy dried-on dirt and salt.  I still don’t understand why commercial and government offices have carpeting in high traffic areas.  One can’t help but think about how much of a health hazard it is for people working in those spaces for eight hours a day.  At least with hard surface flooring, you can see the dirt and grime.  What makes my head shake even more, is finding carpet in hospitals.

The bulk of my afternoon was spent working on another project which will take a few weeks to get finished.  As always, I turned my body into an automaton while leaving my mind free to think about a handful of thoughts which I’d put aside for a day like today.  It’s always easier to “deep think” when there are no distractions, and today’s job gave me just that.  I did manage to get a few problems sorted out and all the happier for it.

With the snow finally on its way out, I can begin having public open houses on a regular basis.  This year’s winter months have been more brutal to where I found myself all the more often deciding against having one due to either the extreme cold, the excess snow, and above all, the greasy ice.  It’s not worth putting others at risk of slipping and falling while on their way into a home.

As it was nearing late afternoon, I decided to go to an out-of-town church service.  I guess it was my day to be irritated while in attendance.  I didn’t realize until I sat down at the end of a pew, that just across the aisle next to me, was a furnace vent that was spewing cold air at me the entire time.  I’m still wondering what that was all about.  And then when I went to their listed pages for their readings, I found all three of them completely different than what was being read up front.  Now that was a first in a very long time.  After searching frontwards and back, I finally closed the book and slide it back into its wooden holder.  I noticed a few others around me who were similarly agitated.

While on my way home, I decided to stop at a grocery store and pick up a few things.  As chance would have it, I ran into a cousin of mine whom I’ve not seen in at least four years.  We had a very good chat about the “old farm” days. During our visit, she mentioned how much she liked and admired my mother.  I never realized until decades later how highly regarded she was by a number of my cousins because I’ve heard a good handful mention pretty much the same things about her.  I’m sure her husband was getting very annoyed by our extra long conversation, and after hugging her, I turned to her husband and said, “I’m so sorry I was holding your wife hostage with my chatter.”  He laughed while saying, “It looked like you were both enjoying it.”

On my way home, I realized I hadn’t returned a call to a dear friend, so I stopped and dialed her up.  During our short conversation, she got on the subject of a person we’ve both known for a number of years, and then questioning me as to why she has such a strange personality. After listening to her comments and observations, I finally interrupted and said, “I’ve always thought her problems stem from time she drank the Kool-aid.”  She got a good laugh out of that, but then came back at me with, “I wanna know what flavor it was, and the list of ingredients because there had to be something in it that’s been banned by the FDA for years.”   After that one, I’d say I did get my good laugh for the day.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  If you wish to appear agreeable in society, you must consent to being taught many things which you already know.

Joe Chodur

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