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It was a quiet Sunday morning due to having attended a church service yesterday afternoon, and no scheduled playing of a piano or organ at another house of worship. With my early hours free, I donned my work clothes and off I headed to the office to check on a purchase agreement that was supposed to have been faxed while I was gone.  As I had hoped, it arrived with all signatures and initials of the sellers on it.  Yeah!  Another one of my listings is sold!  There’s no question the buyer will transform that home into a showplace.

The next order of the day, was to get back at that project I was working on yesterday.  I was a little late getting started, but I think I made a pretty good dent in what needs to be done.  While there, one of my well knowns called and ended up having a long overdue chat.  After a while he said, “I hope I’m not keeping you from you work?”  I laughed and said, “I’ve been working with one hand all the while I’ve been on the phone.”

Our conversation pretty much centered around the absolute selfishness of others who believe they were put on this earth to take all they can from whomever they can.  I’m convinced those types must believe they’re going to live forever, and when they do end up taking their dirt naps, there’ll be no accounting having to be made for their wicked ways.

The one particular male we were talking about, managed to get his claws into an angel of a young woman, and for some reason managed to get her convinced that he was this poor “victim” in constant need.  Well, I’d say after they were together for well over thirty years, he managed to help himself to her generosity those decades, and all the more after she died suddenly several years ago, and likely due to her inability to endure any more of his wicked and selfish ways.

He’s now once again acting like the poor little rich boy who doesn’t have a friend in the world.  I’m sure since her death, he’s been diligently working at finding another who’ll support him, along with waiting on him hand and foot.  I told my well known today that someone should write to his mother and tell her what a bad job she did at raising that little monster, yet I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s also got her convinced he’s an innocent victim of life’s circumstances.  He’s just another bad weed seed someone unfortunately planted, which like all weeds, have the ability to adapt and grow all the more noxious in just about any environment.

After I hung up and got both hands working again, I couldn’t keep myself from thinking about all the other disastrous relationships people have allowed themselves to be sucked into, and after being beaten down long enough, most of them end up convinced they’ll never have a real life.  I’m sure all of you can relate because it’s been happening for generations in and outside nearly every family.

My early afternoon appointment was at my listing at 146 – 12th St. NW which is long over-due having a sold sign planted in its front yard.  Thank goodness the buyers were able to see past the necessary cosmetics it needs and realize the good bones contained.  After being reduced to $44,500, I’d say it’s the best buy in Mason City under $50K. Where can you find a roomy 3 bedroom on a full-size lot offering central air, all appliances, and a garage?  The most delightful part of that home is its “gentle rise” open staircase.  I told today’s buyers that one rarely finds that type of staircase in an older home.  Whomever built it, definitely knew construction.  I also like its vintage 5 panel doors.  I always have to point out all the many newer thermal windows it has.  Now let’s get that home under contract!

While at a home later this afternoon, I noticed one of the most disgusting things which I wish I hadn’t.  I’d say it’s been decades since I’ve been in bedroom where the owner must’ve had bunk beds, and likely they were for boys.  Well, after the beds went out and the walls came into full view, I couldn’t help but notice discolorations on an upper and lower wall in that bedroom.  After looking closer and noticing what those marks were, I backed away and said to myself, “How could any parent knowingly allow their children to pick their noses in bed and then smudge ceilings and walls with their fingers?”  When looking at another wall, I discovered the bunk beds must’ve been moved to the other side of the room because the ceiling and wall in that area had the same “finger wipes”.  Oh Mercy!  Like was said to me long ago, “Children are like monkeys that have to be trained.”

Tonight’s one-liner is:  We all suspect ourselves in possession of at least one of the cardinal virtues.

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