Starched Collar

What a wonderful sunny day we had in spite of it being a little windy. Thank goodness I had my work laid out for me this morning and managed to get it finished up before the phone started ringing because it was definitely a full day.  I was beginning to wonder if the sun and warm temps had something to do with the sudden spurt of real estate activity.

I had a little “ping” regarding the correspondence I sent out yesterday because I knew I was in a hurry to get it in the Post, and sure enough, when I went back and re-read what I sent, I found I’d made two spelling errors. Ugh!  What a classic example of haste making waste.  I do hope the receivers of it will be a little understanding, and if not, it’ll be proof that we all make mistakes.

My first appointment was in Northwood this morning which took a little longer than expected, but thank goodness I left early enough so I could get back to make my mid-morning meeting with a buyer.  Just as I was finishing up on my gathering of needed documents, the buyer walked in a few minutes early.

After a good chat, and the spilling of ink on a stack of documents, the buyer walked out a happy camper knowing that she may possibly own a home if the sellers would accept the offer I’d just written.  I’ve mentioned many times in the past how much I do enjoy working with first-timers because their excitement transfers.  There have been a great number of changes in society and technology over these long years, but one thing that hasn’t, is the excitement that builds when purchasing one’s first home.

After the buyer left, I picked up the phone and went over the offer with one of the sellers and to my delight, he agreed to the terms and conditions.  About a half hour later he walked in my office and signed the purchase agreement.  I then scanned and emailed it to the other seller for signatures, and less than two hours later I had the executed document in my email.  I printed it out and then called the buyer to come in and pick up a copy for her bank so they could get started with their loan process.  The buyer was beaming brightly as she walked out of my office, and in spite of being on the sidelines, that experience was the highlight of my day.

Today’s downer was getting stood up at a home I was supposed to have open for a customer whom I’ve shown a number of homes to in the past.  I waited there for over 20 minutes and still no show.  What really angered me, was my agreeing to the day and time, and still no show.  As late as it is, I still haven’t heard a peep, let alone a text saying, “Sorry! I forgot my appointment with you.”  I may sound like I’m bashing the younger ones, but there’s a definite pattern where I brace myself at times whenever agreeing to meet someone from our younger generation at a property.  You can rest assured the next time I’m contacted by that buyer, I’ll have some shaming words prepared because I had to re-arrange appointments for something that ended up being a total waste of my time.

Early this afternoon I had a second showing on another home I have listed, and as I suspected, the buyers liked it more the second time thru.  They were a little concerned about the seepage in its basement, but I did tell them that it was the first time I’d noticed any water in that home since I listed it last Fall.  With all the snowmelt and frozen soil, melting snow will find the weakest point of entry.  I think just about every home I’ve shown this past week has had water on the floor which I’ve personally dismissed as something to be expected considering the snow cover we’ve had.

Later this afternoon, those buyers called and said they wanted to come to my office early tomorrow morning to make an offer on it.  During our conversation, one of them mentioned his concern over there being seepage, and said he’s going make an offer on it based on what he saw today.  I’m going to remain hopeful those buyers and sellers are going to come together on a price because I believe they’re the best “fit” for that home.

Tonight’s photo is yet another one I dug out of that box of photos and postcards I purchased.  The reason I picked the above, is to remind the general public how much men’s formalwear has changed over these past 100+ years.  Some years ago, I happened to find in an old box, a handful of stiff collars that were worn back in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.  Believe it or not, those collars were separate from those collarless white dress shirts, so if you wanted to look smart, you’d button on a freshly washed and starched collar and be good to go.  What I thought even more interesting, is the tie he has on.  I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one like that.  It almost looks like a cross between a bow tie and a necktie, and looks to be held in place by a clip and possibly a thin ribbon around his neck. Irregardless, I’d say by the look on his face, he was feeling pretty good about himself when that photo was taken.  Unfortunately there’s no name or date on the back of it.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  You’re not very good if you aren’t better than your best friends imagine you to be.

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