These Last Months of 2018

I believe the best job in the world is that of a meteorologist, because if their predicted temperatures, for say a given week are wrong, they still keep their jobs and likely just chalk all those many in-correct predictions off as examples of how un-predictable weather patterns can be.  I say this because this is the second time during these past three weeks which our expected highs were no where near what was estimated the week before.  We were supposed to be in the 40’s for highs this week.  I have no idea where that came from because the highest I saw today was 20 degrees.

I spent several hours this morning with a young gentleman who’s thinking about re-locating to a metro area where there’s greater opportunities as well as more things to do when not at a job.  Since he’s young and likely there being a long life ahead of him, I actually didn’t blame him along with those others in his age group for not considering North Iowa as a place they weren’t willing to plant roots.

We talked about the little improvements he could make to his home which would add to its re-sale value.  It’s in a desirable location and will likely get listed at an attractive price.  I shared my concerns about this whole business of his wanting to ditch Mason City and head for greener pastures without having a job to go to.  My first encouragement was to do some deep soul-searching which would hopefully illuminate to him his true calling in life.  My next encouragement was for him to start sending out resumes to companies in whatever metro areas he believed good fits for his wants and needs.  Since he knows I desire the best for him, he did listen as well as agree with my proposed plan of action.

With Thanksgiving fast approaching, I’m all the more concerned over getting lingering projects completed before our deep freeze arrives.  There’s one thing I’ve had burned into my bones these past months, which is how truly unreliable workers and contractors are.  No matter how much a person nearly begs another to have something done and more than willing to pay when completed, near all of them will do absolutely nothing until they’re darned good and ready to perform.  I think in my next life I’ll insist on coming back as a tradesperson who’ll only work when he “feels” like it, while the rest of the time playing with a cell phone, eating donuts, or plugged into some sort of time-killing audio/visuals.

I’m hoping all of you have your homes prepared for these coming weeks and months.  It would be a good idea to have all your mechanicals checked out just so to be certain they’re in proper working order.  For years I’ve reminded people to keep their furnace filters changed out on a regular basis. Dirty furnace filters make for higher heating bills along with placing more un-due stress on furnaces.  Dryer vents also need to be checked on a yearly basis.  You wouldn’t believe how many home fires have been caused by dryer vents having been packed with lint.  Just think about the mechanicals in your homes that have motors, air movements, and/or venting, and you’ll likely discover built-ups.

One of my well knowns invited me for Thanksgiving dinner next week, but I had to decline by saying, “I’m still not completely ready as of yet for holiday gatherings since the passing of my mother several years ago.”  A very dear client informed me shortly after she died that it would take possibly years before I’d have a willingness to participate in such gatherings because of knowing my mother would never again be in attendance.  I thought she was exaggerating, but now I consider her words at the time being near prophetic.

I’m hoping the wind won’t be blowing so hard tomorrow because I have closings to prepare for and showings to get arranged for later this week.  We’re now entering the  time of the year where it’s a crap shoot when attempting to guess if there’s going to be a few good days ahead or not.  There’s nothing worse than moving out of, and/or into a home during such changeable weather during these last months of 2018.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When life is too easy for us, we must beware in fears we’ll not be readied to meet such blows; be we rich or poor, they’ll sooner or later come to us all.

Joe Chodur

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