Veteran’s Day of 2018

Thank goodness it was in the upper 20’s this morning when I left the house.  While out, I did discover I’m finally getting used to the cold because I was actually getting a bit too warm while wearing my wool coat.

The first thing I had on my plate this morning, was to go over to St. Paul Lutheran Church and play for their 8:30 am Service.  Thank goodness the Pastor saw me walking up and went down to un-lock the door for me.  I had a really good chat with him regarding the way in which many of our young view organized religion in these times.  I did mention how much more important it is for our main-line communities of faith all across our Nation must work all the harder at keeping the families within their ranks who’ve supported their congregations for many generations.  As I was walking up to the gallery, I was once again reminded how absolutely charming St. Paul Lutheran Church is.  In the near darkness, one gets a feeling of an enduring spiritual reverence that’s alive and well within its walls.

I turned on their pipe organ and ran through the pieces I was to play a few times, and then went on to play a handful of other hymns just so to once again get comfortable with their vintage instrument.  Since it had just recently been tuned, it sounded much better than it did the last time I played it.  Just as I was finishing up on my last piece, one of the pipes in the “pipe closet” stuck open and was noticeably sending out a non-stop middle C, and just happened to be coming from one of the metal pipes.

I quickly went and opened the closet, found that naughty pipe and turned it a bit in hopes it would stop.  Unfortunately that didn’t happen, so I had to shut her down for today’s Service.  I was a little bummed by that happening because I considered myself more than prepared for today’s keyboard music.  Oh well, I did a quick change of plan when grabbing the music from the organ and walking over to their piano and getting myself set to provide piano instead of organ music for their Service.

The music and the Service as a whole went very well in spite of having to switch instruments at the last minute.  As they say, “The best laid plans of mice and men…”  One of their congregants came upstairs afterwards and thanked me for playing along with telling me how much they enjoy hearing me play the piano.  Once again I was reminded how people’s preferences are different when it comes to liturgical musical instruments.  I’m hoping one day I’ll be able to get someone in our City that can play either a woodwind or string instrument and willing to come and accompany me on either their piano or organ.  And what would be even a more perfect world, would be for someone with a fine voice to song lead from their gallery, because without a doubt, everyone downstairs would be delighted.  I’ll continue to keep putting the word out in hopes of that happening.

I’m confident everyone was taking a little time today to do some silent praying along with thanking all the veterans who’ve gone before us who’ve worked at helping to keep our Country free.  Since one of my family members was in active duty during the Viet Nam War, I’ll never forget the number of prayers that were said by our family to bring him home safely from so far away.

There’ll always be that great debate over the power of prayer, but I personally believe deep self-less prayer does work.  Once again, I thank each and every veteran for their own self-less service to our Nation on this Veteran’s Day of 2018.

The rest of my day was spent putzing at little projects that’ve been waiting for me whenever time was available.  I was again surprised how life-less our Downtown was this afternoon, but since I’m not much into watching the boob-tube during the day, I guess there must’ve been something on the television that was keeping all the many indoors.

Tonight’s thought-proving one-liner is:  You can never really live anyone else’s life, not even your child’s because the influence you exert is through your own life, and what you’ve become is singularly your own doing.

Joe Chodur

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