Quiet Ones

Let’s hope the wind went down with the sun tonight and won’t start up again tomorrow.  This month has been more like December than I’ve seen in years, and hopefully it won’t continue on like this because if it does, we’re going to be seeing some really bad attitudes starting within our general public.

There have been all the more drop-ins and calls from people looking for rentals, and likely due to Regency Terrace Apartments having changed ownership, and from what I’ve heard, all those existing tenants were given a 30 day notice to vacate.  I do know there are a large number of apartments within that complex, and can only imagine the number of those tenants out desperately looking for new places to live before December 01st.   The new owners must’ve had the mindset of starting their new ownership out with their own application forms and leases.

Most don’t realize that this happens often with single and multi-family rental units because new owners don’t want to deal with any hear-say pre-existing rules or liberties that were allowed by previous owners.  I’ve heard enough horror stories from buyers who’d “inherited” tenants of properties they purchased.  There was an unfortunate situation with one of my buyers who’d been lied to at a closing when the listing agent told him the existing tenants of the duplex he was purchasing were going to be completely moved out that very day, when in fact, those naughty tenants hadn’t even begun to think about moving, so there went another 30 – 45 days to get them removed.  In spite of that buyer telling me a final walk-thru was not necessary, I should have insisted we still do one.  You can believe that agent got a real ear-full from me the following morning.

Much of my time was spent getting two closings that are coming up readied to where I believe all bases are covered.  During our cold months, it’s all the more critical that buyers get all utilities ordered into their names prior to the day of closing, and especially now that Alliant Energy has to be called days ahead of time.  I long for those days to return when there was a public gas and electric office right here in our City where people could go to pay their bills, get new services added, or old ones cancelled.   Every time I have to pick up the phone and ring up a call center, I brace myself when knowing I’ll be enduring all the more voice activations.  It’s just another example of how big corporations are slowly removing employees and replacing them with computers.

It seems big corporations don’t realize that if they continue to remove the human elements in their factories, offices, and back-room accountings, simply to create all the more wealth for themselves, their income bases in the long run will be weakened due to all those many more who’re struggling to make ends meet because they no longer have good paying jobs.  Just last week someone mentioned how scary it has become when seeing many of her friends and relatives are living from paycheck to paycheck.  I know for a fact it’s happening far more than what’s being reported because there are all those many “quiet ones” struggling who’re too proud to admit they’re on financially slippery slopes.

I’ll be showing some lower priced homes tomorrow to a first time buyer who’s making sure to stay well within his budget.  He came right out and said, “My bank told me straight-off I can afford more, but I personally know I can’t and won’t because I have student loans that I want to get paid off.”  Yeah!  I love working with buyers who understand the whole scheme of managing debt, instead of those who max themselves out, and then squeal like piggies when they happen to hit a few jarring bumps that set their finances into downwards spirals.

Please help me find a buyer for the gorgeous home I have listed at 1141 – 14th St. SE.  I can’t be more certain that it’s likely the best built newer ranch home I’ve ever encountered.  In spite of it having been recently built, the original owners spared no expense on quality.  There were no cutting of corners, and whenever showing it, I continue to be “wowed”.  The above photo is a curb shot of it.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Never allow someone to tell you no who doesn’t have the power to say yes.

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