Furious Movements

Thank goodness it didn’t get as hot today as yesterday which gave me an opportunity to get some much needed outdoor work done.  Unfortunately the jiggers are out and yours truly have a few bites to prove it.  As much as I like being outdoors when possible, it’s not much fun when being pestered by those little black devils.

In spite of it being Sunday, it was necessary for me to spend about two hours at the office working on several files that were in need of my immediate attention.  I did all I could until tomorrow arrives, so I’m going to remain positive all will be well and we’ll have them closed on time.  It’s a bit nerve-wracking when unexpected problems arise, but it’s just the law of averages in real estate to where some transaction sail thru smoothly, while other have to be helped along.

One of my well knowns called today just to play catch-up on what’s going on in my world, as well as things that’ve been happening of late in hers.  She was on quite the roll with opinions about stuff that’s been happening in our government as well as others in the world.  Since she pays more attention to national and international news than I do, she shared some things that I’d not yet heard–especially about all the more inroads China has been making within governments around the globe.

Since I’ve always considered myself a bit of a history buff, I shared a few points with her regarding things that had taken place in the past, and as we all know, history does seem to repeat itself.

After listening to her comments and concerns regarding the cozying up of China and Russia, I reminded her that for many decades, Russia has always feared China invading their far-eastern provinces so to help off-set their dwindling natural resources.  With a standing army as large as China’s, it wouldn’t take long to swallow up everything east of the Urals.  Just to give a little perspective, that conquest of those Russian square miles would be far greater that if we took over the entire country of Canada.

Another point I made, was this year being the hundredth anniversary of the end of the Austrian Empire.  I read a scholarly article yesterday in the Economist which talked about the similarities of today’s European Union and the Austrian Empire.  I actually didn’t know how well-oiled their government machine was run at that time; even to the point that when in session, their parliament had equal representation from the Empire’s far reaching provinces, and allowed to speak their ten different languages.  When Bosnia was absorbed into the Empire, they were the first Islamic province to be formally recognized, and yet what’s the most unfortunate, is that the assassination of Archduke Francis Ferdinand in Sarajevo, triggered the beginning of WWI.

Just for the sake of remembering, do a search on the internet to see how many people lost their lives not just from the war itself, but also the millions who died during those years from a world-wide pandemic.  For sure, WWI helped with the spread of that deadly influenza.

Now you see, that no matter how insulated level-headed Americans believe they are against radical mentalities, that’s all it takes is one geo-political happening that’ll act as the lighted match thrown into a field of dry grass, and anyone that’s seen a prairie fire, knows that those winds and flames feed furious movements.  Let’s just hope history doesn’t repeat itself anytime soon in our lifetimes.

Wishing you all a healthy and productive work week ahead.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Communism has never come to power in a country that wasn’t disrupted by war or corruption, or both.

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    I think you mean ‘chiggers’ not jiggers, farm boy. Jiggers are sub-Saharan, tropical, in place like Uganda, not Iowa.