And Eat it Too

I’m thinking today’s 92+ degrees was something to be remembered since it’s September 15th and not July 15th.  We go from days of rain to hotter than heck, and then left to wonder what’s next.  I’ve been watching the devastation that’s being created by hurricane Florence, and exceptionally happy it hasn’t been as bad as predicted, or at least it appears that way.

Most of my morning was spent mowing and yard clean-up.  I’m glad to have finished it before the temperatures really started climbing.  I did notice all the acorns and walnuts on the streets and sidewalks around town.  I’m wondering if the trees know something we don’t.  It’s been said in the past that when nut trees drop all the more seeds than normal, it’s a sign of an abnormal winter. I just hope we don’t have the ice we had last winter because that was almost too much to bear.

While driving from point A to point B this morning, I happened to notice a woman painting a house which I sold her over a decade ago.  Knowing that she’d already moved, I thought I’d just stop and see how things were going with her.

After asking if she was preparing it to sell, she quickly informed me that she just sold it on her own several days ago.  Of course my next question was, “Did you sell it to an investor or will the new owner be living here?”  Thank goodness she said it would be owner occupied.  Since it’s in a very good neighborhood, I’m glad she did everything she could to sell it to a future occupant.  There are far too many investors in Mason City that are working very hard at purchasing homes in our better districts.  I think they’re finally getting the message that they can’t keep good tenants in the neighborhoods they helped to pull down.

Just before I left, her husband showed up whom I’ve never met, so I stayed and had a little chat with him.  I knew of him from a mutual association, but never had an opportunity to shake his hand.  I think I embarrassed him a bit when saying, “I heard you have a gentle soul and a big heart.”  His response was something like, “Well maybe, but definitely not at work.”

As chance would have it, just as I was again preparing to leave, the new buyer showed up so I stayed and had a light conversation with him.  I did find out he’s best friends with a gentleman I sold a home to about a block away from the one he just purchased.  I’m sure having his friend nearby had something to do with it.  From what it sounds, he’s got big plans for his new home, and I’m happy for him.  If he does half of what he says he’s going to do, he’ll have its value all the more increased.  I forgot to ask him if he’s a fanatic about taking care of yards.  I’m putting it out there all the more with our young regarding the upkeep of their lawns and gardens, because this year has been all the worse for owners and tenants being remiss about keeping their lawns in respectable conditions.

My public open house today was more successful than the last one I had on 321 S. Carolina.  There were two different groups who were showing more than a passing interest.  The owner is now working harder at getting the remaining furniture removed as well as trying to find someone who can pull out all the carpet covering its oak floors.  Once those changes have been made, I’ll certainly be back out there to take new photos.

After my open house, I decided to drive a good distance to a church I’ve attended in the past.  As I was driving, I thought to myself, “Oh please!  Don’t let me be subjected to another harangue like those I’ve been hearing of late.”  Without saying any more, as I was walking out, I purposely walked up to the Pastor and said, “I thank you, along with  blessing you for delivering a REAL sermon.”  Since he doesn’t know me, I’m sure he’ll be wondering who I am, and why I was so intense with my comments.  If he only knew what I’ve subjected myself to these past three Sundays, he’d fully understand.   After taking some of his words to heart, I was again reminded that when it comes to core beliefs, we can’t have our cake and eat it too, because there are always those hard sacrifices we must make to heighten our spiritual and human developmental growth.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Always do your best, because whatever you plant now, you will bountifully harvest later.

Joe Chodur

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