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I was surprised to find our temperatures climbing into the mid 80’s this afternoon.  While I was out and about, I could certainly feel how different a late summer heat can be to where it almost feels hotter than it is.  I’m sure the jiggers are going to be out in full force these coming days.  I despise those little black devils because they’re so small, they can even get thru screens.  Be careful if you’re out in wooded areas during this time of year because you’ll certainly find them waiting for you.  Several years ago a colleague of mine went camping for a weekend around this time, and when she got back, she was fit to be tied from all the jigger bites she managed to get from being out there for only two days.  Oh well, at least they’re only out at a certain time of the year.

To my surprise, this morning I discovered a seller who had me out to his house at least three times to give him pointers on getting it in marketable condition, decided to list it with one of my competitors for a much higher price.  Oh well, time will certainly tell if our market is that strong to warrant such a price in that particular neighborhood.  It’s a big ranch perched on a postage stamp lot which offers nearly no yard for someone who enjoys being outdoors.  I wish him well, but I do hope some day he’ll realize how much of my time and advice was freely given, and not even having the decency to visit with me one last time before he listed it with another.

Please make sure you tell everyone about my public open house tomorrow which is located at 321 S. Carolina here in Mason City.  It’s about as rock-solid of a brick home you’ll find for quite some time.  It’s also located in the River Heights district which is one of Mason City’s sought after neighborhoods.  I’ve been seeing some pretty big sale prices on homes in far inferior neighborhoods which is telling me that many buyers are anxious to just get something bought without doing a little more market research.

Early next week I have an appointment to look at a home which I sold to an older couple some years ago.  I don’t believe it’ll take me long to establish an asking price because the neighborhood in which it’s located is exceptionally popular, and this home will certainly be in the mid to lower range of what they’re selling for in that district.  Remember what they say, “Buy a cheaper home in a more expensive district and you’ll never go wrong.”  For sure, that home has likely doubled in value since I sold it to them.

I heard this weekend is supposed to be our city-wide rummage sale, which gives all those people wanting to get rid of their “stuff” more buyer exposure.  I dare say you’ll likely not find me attending any because I’m working at turning myself into a minimalist.  I’m of the belief that it’s better to have just a few things one really likes, rather than being over-loaded with goods and furniture that does nothing more pleasurable than take up space.

About two weeks ago, I did cave and purchase an old wooden trunk that reminds me a great deal of the one my grandfather had given me when I was young, but then when a now deceased aunt found out about it, she shamed my grandfather into giving it to her.  From the last I heard, that trunk has been passed around between cousins to where I think it’s now somewhere in the Chicago area.

The trunk I purchased was altered over the years to make it appear more modern.  all the hand-forged metal strapping was removed along with the hand-forged hinges and carrying handles.  But the creepiest about my new trunk is that it’s painted the same crazy color the one my grandfather gifted me.  Believe it or not, it’s painted a baby blue with a white accent.  It’s at my office in a temporary spot for now until I decide where I’ll have it permanently located.  Every time I open the lid, it reeks of moth balls. After thinking about it at length, I’d say the real reason I purchased it was to create a visual memory marker of that particular time of my youth.

I nearly laughed myself silly when noticing a kitty out chasing a grasshopper this afternoon.  It finally caught it, and what made me laugh all the more is that it wasn’t sure if it wanted to eat it or not.  When it did start to eat it, every time the kitty would open its mouth to bite down, the grasshopper would jump out.  What a hoot!

Tonight’s one-liner is:  To succeed in life you need three things:  a wishbone, a backbone, and a funny bone.

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