It may sound like I’m beating to death the subject of weather, but I still can’t believe how wet this summer has been.  This is definitely NOT the time of year we should be getting so much rain.  My memories of August have nearly always been of it being the time when the fields are nearly matured, the gardens are heavily laden with produce and everyone praying for a little more rain to keep their tomatoes and peppers producing.  This is going to be another season where we didn’t have our normal dry spell and the grass didn’t start turning yellow from lack of rain.

One of my conversations this morning was with a dear client who calls maybe every two weeks or so.   She lives out of State, so it’s always good to hear what’s happening on the other side of our continental fence.  One thing I admire about her is that she’s very well read and keeps up on the news and views of our Country and the world.  One of the tidbits of information she shared, was about an article she recently read about the effects of air pollution on people living in areas where there’s all the more, such as the metro areas of our big cities.

It was shocking at first, but then it really came as no surprise that researchers have found that the continued exposure to air pollution affects the functions of our brains, and most noticeably of those over the 50+ mark.  I believe it was just last night that I spoke about how the changes in our environment could possibly be having a meta-physical effect on us.  I guess it does stand to reason when considering that if pollution affects plants and animals, then why wouldn’t it affect humans.  We are part of the animal kingdom aren’t we?  The old timers were fully aware of that fact generations ago.  Remember the stories of coalminers taking canaries into their mine shafts and use them as testers for natural gas?  If their canaries would drop off their perches, it was time to get the “yell” out of that shaft, or also end up being “tweet-less”.

Another one of my listings sold today, along with receiving yet another offer on my Lakeview Drive property.  I do hope today’s buyer comes to the realization that it’s in a great location on the lake, exceptionally well built, and meticulously cared for.  I grow weary at times when a given buyer will dismiss a home because of say, a pink bathroom, a papered wall or two, or the carpet not being the right color or style.  Those are ALL cosmetic issues that can be easily changed.  Now I would understand a buyer’s issue with location which can’t be changed, a naughty neighbor who’ll likely never move, or structural and/or floor plan deficiencies.

I’m finding the biggest hurdle for today’s buyers to over-come, is their inability to envision something either being replaced or added to a home.  Just recently one of my listings sold at a discounted price likely because of the wall coverings and the color of the carpet in one of the rooms.  I would’ve said those are inexpensive “fixes”, but for many of today’s buyers, it would’ve been a mental hurdle they couldn’t get over, and just walk away and continue looking.

There are several people here in North Iowa that are making some healthy profits from their flips because they know what trips buyers’ triggers.  It’s too bad more of our parents don’t get involved with their children’s purchases because they’re more apt to get them to see past colors and textures, along with reminding them they’d be saving thousands if they’d buy homes in need of cosmetic updates rather than paying far more for something they could fix themselves.  Perhaps someday they’ll learn when and/or if necessity comes a’knocking.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  When I was young we had a sandbox filled with quicksand and not long after, I came to the realization I was an only child.

Joe Chodur

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