Heaping Load of Stainless

Today was an absolute turnabout from yesterday’s nasty weather, which is likely the reason there were all the more people out and about in the Downtown.  Let’s hope it stays like this for our upcoming Labor Day Weekend.  It makes me sad when realizing summer is rapidly coming to a close, and yet still of the belief we never really had one.

Just this morning I was speaking to a middle-aged farmer who also agreed that we are in the midst of climate change.  Since our weather patterns are moving into uncharted territories, there’s nothing we can use as our guide whenever all the more changes take place. For many, there’ll be a continued fear of Mother Nature deciding to turn radical on us.

Another one of my listings sold today which takes down my inventory one more notch.  As chance would have it, I sold it myself.  There’s no question in my mind the buyer is going to make some great improvements to the home.  The excitement first-time buyers have over their new homes is oft times contagious to where I even start getting a rush.  I told his banker today, “Don’t dally a day, because the buyer’s ready to move in tomorrow!”

While planning ahead for my public open houses, I decided to have one this Saturday at my new listing at 321 S. Carolina Ave. here in Mason City.  Even if you’re not in the market for a new home, it would be worth doing a walk-thru on it just to see the quality of construction that went into it.  I said to one of my clients today, “Whenever I’m in that home, I get this creepy cool feeling that I’m inside the home my great-aunt lived in many years ago.”  Perhaps I get that flashback because it was built in the same years hers was.  She was very particular about her home, just as the long-time owner was with this one.  I just hope whomever buys it, won’t make any thoughtless changes that will take away from its classic mid-century design and appeal.

We’re still battling back and forth with and offer on 40 Lakeview Drive here in Mason City.  As chance would have it, I ran into several people today who had looked at it during my public open house.  The wife said she’d buy it in a second if she could get her husband to see reason.  When I told her we have an offer on it, she gave me the most sad look.  Since I’ve known her for a number of years, I’d say she’d be the one who’d take as good care of it as the current owners did since purchasing it many years ago.   We’ll see what tomorrow brings when hearing what the buyer’s agent has to say about the counter-offer I relayed late this afternoon.

Knowing it was the last day of Younkers being open, I spent my lunch hour over there getting one last look at their bargain basement items which were priced at near pennies on the dollar.  As chance would have it, I did find two dress shirts that were my size that must’ve been added to a rack these past several days, which I didn’t even think twice about buying.  I did purchase several small pieces of furniture that I believe will go well in my office.  I’ll have to do a little re-arranging tomorrow to see if they’ll fit.  If they do, they’ll be my daily reminder of all the many years Younkers has been doing good business in Mason City.  It looks like North Iowa is getting all the shorter on thriving brick and mortar stores.  The closing of Younkers should be a real wake-up call for all of us to be all the more diligent in patronizing our local businesses.

It made me a little sick to my stomach seeing a short-bed trailer outside their north door with many hundreds of stainless steel parts and pieces of shelving and display brackets. I’m sure all that expensive stainless steel was purchased by a metal scrapper who’ll be selling it for a hefty profit at a scrap yard.  What a terrible waste!  I was shaking my head while walking out and seeing that scrapper’s unctuous three helpers standing there guarding that heaping load of stainless with cigarettes hanging from their bottom lips and staring into oblivion while waiting for the “boss” who was still inside doing all the more metal bargaining.  If only I had my camera.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop.

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