Drawn-Out Fairy Tales

Do any of you ever remember a summer being like this one?  Here it is the 27th of August with high temperatures along with what feels like 100% humidity. I read today that we’re going to be in the path of another storm that’ll be bringing strong straight-line winds with it which means you all better be prepared to button down your hatches.  If we’re getting such crazy humid weather, I can imagine what’s taking place in our Southern States.

Along with there being strange weather occurrences, I’ve noticed other abnormal happenings which are likely the by-products of what started back in May with those heavy snow storms.  Today for example, I happened to notice a dead baby blackbird in the yard of a home for sale which was just stating to get feathers.  So you’re thinking, “So what’s the big deal over a dead baby blackbird?”  The blackbirds should be long finished rearing their young to where in these last days of summer, they should look very much like their parents.

Another strange happening I’d been seeing, were all the many Hackberry trees looking as though they were “trapped” for months in their leafing-out stages to where just recently they’re starting to grow.  I’ve also noticed a number of perennials which should be looking near perfect from the heat and rain we’ve been supplied, but instead they’re visibly stunted.  Even my hold-over geraniums are struggling with growth.

I’ve now become all the more alert while outdoors just to make mental notes of other subtle changes in our natural environment.  We can be assured that if such un-natural things are happening here in North Iowa, they’re taking place elsewhere.  What frightens me the most about what’s taking place, is my lingering fear/concern in wondering if it’s just the beginnings of more radical changes in years to come.

Most of my day was spent waiting for deliveries, returning phone calls, and sending emails.  I believe everything’s on track from my perspective which I always prefer.  One thing I diligently work at, is to make sure there isn’t someone in a transaction who’s waiting for me to do something.  I’ve been down that road many-a-time with others, so I know exactly how it feels.  There’s a current transaction I’m involved in which now has myself along with others, waiting for something to be done by one of the players which should have been completed weeks ago, which is now causing a bit of a stir with all the other parties involved.

I wrote an offer on one of my listings today, and now in hopes the buyers and sellers will come together on price.  As I mentioned, we’re finding all the more buyers making offers now that Fall is just around the corner.  When you think about it, if say a purchase agreement gets signed tomorrow and the buyers are getting financed, the earliest closing date could be somewhere around the 15th of October.  I had to laugh to myself after recently reading the rider on a real estate sign belonging to one of my competitors which stated, “Immediate Possession!”  In all these years of selling homes, I’ve never been able to give a buyer immediate possession on a home purchase.  I’m surprised they had such a silly sign posted.

While visiting with one of my well known’s today, we touched on the subject of distorted memories of past events.  We both came to the conclusion that nearly everyone  who attempts to re-make their past, are in denial over their own failings which offers them an incentive to make up their own drawn-out fairy tales. Just yesterday while visiting with a seller, I heard familiar stories of jealousies, hatreds, and intrigue, and it all had to do with skewed past events within that family.  I’m beginning to wonder if our evolving climate change is having an effect on the memories of humans.  I’ll be waiting to read a future scholarly study.  By the way, I’m once again plugging a very well written book which I’d encourage everyone to read titled, “The Soul’s Code”.  I read it from cover to cover a number of years ago, and then went back and re-read key chapters since then. It’s a very good read for anyone questioning why families are the way they are.

Please be all the more cautious when out an about this evening because I think we’re really going to get pounded with a storm.

Tonight’s one-liner is:  Man is the only animal that blushes–or needs to.

Joe Chodur

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