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This was quite the weekend for being busy in real estate, and certainly glad the weather was pleasant to where the attitudes of the many I crossed paths with, were upbeat. Once again my morning started earlier than normal, only to make sure I had everything ready for my public open house at Prairie Place on 1st.

After getting my morning appointments wrapped up, I scooted over to the condo complex about a half hour early so to get all available unit doors opened and lights on. When I walked in, I found two prospective buyers already there. Evidently one of the unit owners must’ve opened the front door for them. Believe it or not, I was there until about 5:00 pm.

I’ve had several other open houses on those units in the past, but without a doubt, the number in today’s attendance far outnumbered those in the past. I’m pretty sure the word is getting out in our general public about the quality and convenience those units afford our elderly.

Several of the prospects questioned the monthly association fee. I made sure to take the time and explain to them all the more extras being offered by Prairie Place on 1st which other condo regimens don’t, thus ending up to be a wash for out-of-pocket expenses.

There were also people arriving who’d seen them months before, which gave me the impression they were more than just tire kickers. I fully understand their being hesitant to move from their single family residences to community living. Numerous times I’ve mentioned how well all the current residents get along which is exceptionally unusual for a building with that many units contained, which causes me to conclude there’s some sort of Divine intervention going on with those who’ve decided to become a part of their community.

Of course I’ve shown a number of those units to people I personally, yet quietly didn’t consider being good “fits”, and for the strangest of reasons, they must’ve realized themselves not to be of similar grains to those living there, and looked elsewhere. This is why I mention, “Divine intervention.” As the old saying goes, “Like attracts like.” We’ll see how today’s showings will drive all the more buyers to its doors.

Yesterday evening I had a long conversation with a gentleman who’s been having some chronic problems with his sewer. As I tell everyone, the only man-made waste that should be flushed down a toilet is toilet tissue. Everything else is vehemently forbidden.

About six months ago there was a major plug in an apartment building, and the culprit happened to be a tenant who thought it to be just fine to flush wet-wipes. I read an article about the huge problem London England is having with their sewers due to the Britisher’s love of wet-wipes. Even paper towels cause problems because they don’t break down fast enough.

Another big no-no, is the flushing of feminine pads. I’ve known of mother’s threatening to scalp their post-pubescent daughters if ever finding they’ve flushed them. Can you imagine what wet-wips and feminine pads must do to rural septic systems? They have no where else to go other than build up in those septic tanks–if they even get that far.  I’m hoping you all had a wonderful weekend, and wishing you the absolute best of your work week ahead.

Now don’t think me to be a naughty monkey when reading tonight’s one-liner because I’m just copying something that another had written. Keep in mind, just because you pass on another’s writing, doesn’t mean you agree or dis-agree. Right?

Here it is: Random mating is good for debunking sex myths.

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