More Eggs

I’m still in complete dis-belief how warm it was again today. It topped out at a staggering 85 degrees again in the Downtown. It’s going to be a very interesting summer if this continues, and if it does, we’ll be having some hellacious storms whenever cold fronts go banging into overly-warm and likely humid warm fronts.

Certainly, you all remember the makings of severe thunderstorms when finding the wind changing direction and beginning to blow all the stronger from the north. That’s usually the time we all head for cover.

Since I had about two hours free this morning, I decided it was time to do a deep cleaning of my office floors. During the winter months, all I use is mop and pail of soapy water. About this time of year, I start scrubbing them on my hands and knees. After going thru 4 dirty pails of soap and water, I once again realized how much cleaner and more impressive wooden floors are if they’re cleaned by hand. I’m still impressed how well they’ve stood up over these past eight years of daily use, and all the more thankful I took the extra time to get them prepared for their multiple coats of varnish.

The remainder of my day was spent with office work, and meeting with clients and customers. I made an appointment with one of them to look at their home one more time before they list. Hopefully it’ll get listed in a competitive price range, because I’m starting to see listings coming on bearing rich price tags. Not sure if those prices are at the insistence of sellers, or if their agents are convinced our market this year has spiked more than it actually has. Only time will tell.

One of my well knows called today just to chat. Somehow we ended up on the subject of selective memory loss, along with the way people somehow manage to reconfigure their memories of past events to where you’d swear they were speaking about something that happened with a perfect stranger rather than themselves. At least he got a good laugh out of my tongue-in-cheek comments. Without a doubt, you can’t change the way people look at themselves, and most certainly the way they perceive others. I’ve learned long ago that trying to get those “possessed” few to see reason, is nothing more than an exercise in futility.

Something just dawned on me today which with nearly everyone has gone un-noticed. So far this so-called Spring, I’ve seen only one pair of geese this past week with but two recent hatchlings underfoot. If my memory is correct, ducks and geese usually begin to nest at the end of March and early April. I’ll wager all those many inches of snow we received, and especially our latest and heaviest of April snowstorms, likely forced them off their nests, leaving their eggs to freeze. Anyone who’s familiar with incubation will say that once its process starts, there’s a critical minimum temperature that must be maintained, or the egg embryos die.

Yes, it’s one more example of how inter-connected our wild animals are with our four seasons. For the life of me, I can’t remember if they’re able to lay more eggs if their nests are destroyed before hatching. I’ll wager not. I hope and pray that this is not a precursor of all the more worldwide natural happenings.

Tonight’s thought-provoking one-liner is: Romantic love was invented to manipulate men and women.

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